Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Nothing is Fun(ny)

so...funny is like gold to me. A smart, funny man (to be my favorite kind of funny requires wicked smarts) who can play guitar could put me in a great many compromising situations. In these days when very few things are funny and I don't have much time to chat with Rob (boy cracks me up), I rely on a few web comics to get my giggle on.

Most of you already read XKCD . My friend pointed out Hyperbole and a Half a few months ago. Here's a favorite from that author; but really, they're all priceless. Gets kids and parents dead right all the time; pets, too. I can't believe I almost forgot Indexed! Mostly super smart and very frequently ironic...

How about you guys? What are your fave web funnies?

I should point out that the biggest laughs I've had recently came from Public Speaking (boy is she a force to be reckoned with...) and the beginnings of a friend's NaNoWriMo effort. Friend is posting his No bits on his blog which also includes some other creative writing. He's a silly, smart guy; writes very well.


Special K said...


KSM said...

I have been faithfully reading trollpants2.0. Love his nano! He's very sort of... "At Swim-Two-Birds" which I hear they're making into a movie... Slightly more impossible than making Ulysses into a film.

KHM said...

'zactly, KSM. Also sort of Marx Brothers meet Abbott and Costello.... I love it! Did you comment on Trollpants? He appreciates the encouragement!


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