Thursday, May 25, 2006

A day without Stevie?

Well, I think I've broken out of my Stevie Wonder rut. It took some effort, I must say. Two new cds are killing me today:

Christian McBride "Live at Tonic". Helping me to extend the all-too-brief live experience at the KC Jazz Club over the weekend. Bonus for me is that Ron Blake was present for these sessions, and they even do one of his tunes--Sonic Tonic---fabulous! There are plenty of guest artists here and its a great romp. Geoffrey Keezer and Terreon Gully are really "on". I have only two regrets: no recording of the solo "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" that CM did at KC (exceptional) and I didn't get to see these sessions live. Check out "See Jam, Hear Jam, Feel Jam".

OK---so today its off to Indianapolis for family fun and most importantly---a kickoff party for Lyman's cd "The Funky Supervillain". I can't wait to see my favorite bassist lead a show of his own fabulous material. I was first looking forward to a weekend on my own, no Mommy duties but now I don't want to leave Rob, the girls or Otis. I guess I'll just have to drink a lot and *try* to enjoy myself. I have my knitting, iPod and ATM card; I guess I'm good to go.

"Tastycakes" Lyman Medeiros and the Lower Level (The Funky Supervillain, 2005)

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