Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lyman on the Radio; KHM wants to be a DJ

Hello: Well, since I never really go to the movies and even less frequently pay any attention to the fact that I have a blog, I decided to use this space to direct my family/friends to some audio files I made recently.

First, my adorable and talented cousin Lyman was interviewed on an Indianapolis radio station on Sunday. I decided to try to "grab" and record the audio stream over the internet so I could hear as well as other family members who live outside of Indy. The audio quality is quite bad owing to online storage space issues. I'm going to burn the full, uncompressed audio file for some folks---the interview alone comes in at over 20 minutes and is followed by a track from "The Funky Supervillain".

Second, I decided that the interviewer didn't talk enough about Lyman's music, play enough of it or focus enough on his upcoming gig at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis. So I decided to see what kind of tools I could find on the web to play "radio personality"---so the second file represents a very crude effort at paying homage to Lyman and to try out some radio skills. You decide who has the real talent in the family---and don't worry about hurting my feelings; I have a great day job. And truthfully, I could spend a lot more time knitting than I do. So the second clip has me introducing Lyman and playing "Such a Beautiful Girl" and taking a couple other opportunities to pretend like I was promoting his show.

Seriously? Me and Donna should take over his PR. I'm pretty sure we both enjoy talking him up more than he does himself. Both audio clips are at posted in the sidebar.


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