Friday, June 30, 2006


"No Rain" -- Blind Melon (Blind Melon, 1993)

Yesterday was Anna's sixth birthday. She had a really great day with lots of time in the swimming pool, dinner out with the family and mountains of silly presents at home. I've never seen one kid so blown away by both a Fairy-Princess-Ballerina doll and a Hot Wheels track/cars. But she was so obviously into all of it, you couldn't help but enjoy it with her. It was a great night. I'm getting pretty tired of crappy low-res photos from my phone; I need to be better about toting my digital cam around. But I hope you can see here the utter satisfaction on Anna's adorable freckled face.

In shopping for her gifts, Rob found these really excellent Nana Banana coloring books. They are really large (24" by 18" maybe) so that two people can sit side by side to color together and the images are sufficiently detailed to appeal to older artists... so when the power went out Wednesday night, we all had a marvelous time coloring by candle light and singing with Stevie Wonder piped through my battery powered iPod speakers. It was actually quite pleasant!

Annoyed by Blog stuff
Late last night I thought I'd fixed a problem with my blog that was causing multiple dialog boxes to launch when the page loads; to get through them, readers had to click on each one and it was/is annoying. Well, the "solution" I put in place only removed the music players, didn

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Anonymous said...

Loved the birthday photo of my litte namesake, Anna March. Quite the birthday princess. I'm glad you had a wonderful time on her special day and that it has stopped raining.