Thursday, June 1, 2006

Shocking Therapy

I just returned from the doctor--I had Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) on my right heel which has been excruciatingly painful for some time. ESWT is fabulous technology, delivering all kinds of force in this relatively small device. Non-invasive, nothing messy about it, just like hammering away at the problem. The think is---while it looks great on paper and is something of an engineering coup, it actually is supposed to make the problem a good deal worse before it gets better. How can I possibly get fired up about that? "Let's see, here. You say your foot hurts like a [ed. note: foul language sanitized]. I have just the thing. It will make you feel really awful for an undefined period and then you'll probably get better over a period of 12 weeks." Imagine that insurance companies aren't falling over themselves to reimburse for these procedures...

The cool thing was that as I was sitting there, fairly comfy other than the jarring force that was radiating through my shin, back of my leg, I was trying to listen to some podcasts from NPR Story of the Day. My doc actually tapped me on the shoulder and told me I'd probably feel better if I were to crank up some early Eric Clapton. Well.... a fellow EC fan is a great find and it instantly increased his credibility and I decided to come home and finally figure out how to post audio clips and put up some Clapton today.

I sat down to find a charming note on my blog from Lyman's good friend, Drew, saying that he had linked to my blog on his---this is an entirely new take on flattery. I'm so electronically happy. And I'll return the favor. I read through Drew's profile and how happy was I to find that with the exception of George Strait, we both hold dear the same kind of music---he even even even likes Stevie Ray Vaughan---so now I don't know---should I wax melodic over EC or SRV today? Its a tough choice and not a bad predicament to be in.

In honor of today's physician hero, Dr. Ronald Footer (no kidding) I've put up Eric Clapton doing "Forever Man".

And as a nod to a fellow electric blues guitar head, Drew Thompson, here's a little bit of "Look at Little Sister" from SRV and Double Trouble. While I'm nodding my head and keeping time on the space bar, I'm going to finally figure out how to embed an audio file. Soon, very soon, I'll be able to link people to my daily grooves. That is until RIAA and ASCAP find out.


Drew said...

Looks and, more importantly, SOUNDS nice! I had a little problem with the file playing earlier this morning when they were on the side, but they seem to be working perfectly within the post itself. Well done! Don't you just love EC and SRV!!

Kathy said...

I don't have the words for how wonderful EC and SRV are. Their talents must be divine in origin. Eddie Vedder strikes me as having that same sort of spiritual gift for music.

Thanks for your help, Drew. This blog is really heading in the direction I had in mind and you saved me a lot of time in getting it going.