Thursday, June 22, 2006

thank god its Thursday

"Everyday" - Dave Matthews Band (Everyday, 2001)

Not every DMB fan welcomed this cd; I have really enjoyed it. I don't know what fans expect--maybe for artists to stay stuck in one kind of mindset forever and ever but for me I really enjoyed the exploration of different emotion for the band and the continued comitment to richly textured music. I particularly like this title track--I love the urgency of the a capella lead in. And Dave's voice is just almost rubber in its ability to arc and stretch---too bad the man is clearly a freak.

Birthday Fever
Well, we're in the thick of birthday season. Mary, my grandmother and Lindsay kicked us all off and my own this week preceded my Dad's today (Happy 65!) and Anna's sixth next week. Summers for this family are almost as overwhelming as Christmas ---

2006 Class Valedictorian: Mary Beth McL
My beautiful and spectacular niece Mary graduates this evening. As far as anyone in the family can remember, she is the first among us to be Valedictorian. I'm so proud of her and excited for her as she prepares to go off to Bennington College. One of these days she'll send me a hard copy of her valedictory address, a recording or video which can be posted here. But for now, its a mad flurry of celebrations for her family and peers. Go, girl!

Its been a long week and I'm kind of brain-dead. I'll have to try to find something interesting to say another time. For now its back to the battle of wills over potty-training with Lindsay. I wonder where these kids all get this stubborn streak????

Don't Miss This
Lyman recently had his webmaster update his web page with a lot of new material including a promo video montage which I really like. I love his smooth baby face and Ceasar-do. How cool are the young ones in my family? They get it from me.

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