Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh, some really sad news

My dear friend and ace-nanny has obtained a real-world, real professional job. I knew this was coming, its the right thing for her and her life and I am devastated.

We were lucky enough to hire her over four years ago when we thought we'd have a hard time attracting a great person because we were only wanting someone 3 days per week without living quarters. We knew she was the right person the minute we met and we really struggled to meet her salary requirements. She has been worth ten times as much as we've paid her.

She knew and loved my sister Beth; has had fun times with all of her children over visits when I would need to go to work. She has seen me through Beth's passing and Rob's near-death last winter. She drove my mother-in-law and children to the hospital to meet Lindsay when she was still steamy warm from my body... she has loved and cared for this family in a way that I never expected.

It would be a lie to say that at this moment I'm happy for her because my own sadness is crowding out everything else.

Life changes so fast. I knew that we were about to the point when we would no longer need a nanny. But I'll always need her and miss her being here in our home.

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