Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tough Day

"Dare" -- Gorillaz (Demon Days, 2005)

I had a pretty yucky day at the office. Work began with a conference call scheduled for 8 am. It was cancelled. I should have recognized it as an omen.

Today I was "in charge". At this point in my career there's just nothing that can happen on days like this that isn't either completely overwhelming or annoyingly....annoying. I have the job I want---a senior scientist answering mostly very technical questions. I don't wish to help people log into the network or figure out how to plug in their laptops (I'm not kidding about that). I don't have the kind of nice in me that lasts very long for those tasks. And really---not to be rude---really---if you need assistance for those tasks, I just don't think I can help you. At all. The kind of assistance you need requires an entirely different kind of preparation than I've had.

So after arriving at the office late having planned to take the conference call at home, I was greeted by that kind of business. Then someone on my team told me to "chill" when I provided them with an update from a partner on a project we share--- that's all--- I forwarded an email documenting progress with an "fyi" lead in. I found the directive to be: misplaced, insulting and maybe insubordinate. For the record: I don't want to be in charge. Because if I weren't, I'd have replied really differently.

I had lots of fun music, though. I'm really loving "Dare" by the Gorillaz. I only have the most vague sense of what its about but you know---it has a great beat and you can dance to it. Haley loves it, too. That makes it kind of fun for me.

I also gave a good listen to The Bad Plus (These are the Vistas) and Jason Moran's (the Bandwagon); I definitely like the TBPcd and I need to hear more of JM's. Maybe tomorrow.

The kids
Are doing fine. They're a little bored with swimming over and two of our primary playmate families away on vacation. Plus Pilar isn't here this week. Rob took them to see "Monster House" today. He said it was awful but the kids liked it.

The foot
I had Mary take the remaining stitches out of my foot and I gave walking around on it with no support, no crutches a shot. It felt good for a little bit, now it aches terribly. I guess I'm going to have to do PT after all. But now at least I can take the girls to the pool and resume swimming laps. I tried driving a bit also; I don't have much strength in my foot so stopping the minivan was challenging. I don't think I should do it until after some therapy. That part really stinks.

Best thing all day....
was a visit with baby Cara who is nearly 3 months old. I have rarely met a baby who I thought was in the same "cute league" as my own. Cara is right up there. And she was so intrigued by my daughters, particularly Anna, that she couldn't sit still. She just wriggled and flailed her arms. I'll bet she sleeps well tonight; she was VERY worked up. I took some photos but I don't have my card reader down here; I'll post them another time. Trust me---she's cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully your foot will continue to improve, I know it's a pain, haha. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you get to go swimming with girls.

LYFE Donna