Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking Good

"Big City Dreams"--Lyman Medeiros and the Lower Level ( The Funky Supervillain, 2005)

Wow. Its the weekend. I haven't been in my office since Wed; I had a few obligations that took about half the day on Thurs but otherwise, I've kind of been cruising since my big meeting wrapped on Wednesday afternoon.

The Big Meeting
Was great. Very productive. Everyone was totally engaged, everybody signed on, I handed off the pieces I needed to, got the greenlight to proceed with what I need to continue with and we're off. I've got a solid timeline and we'll have this wrapped up about 8 weeks before the grant runs out on 1/31/07. Plenty of time to write it up. All this on my last day in the office prior to my annual performance review on MOnday. Shrewd timing. In five months, this jurisdiction is going to own a very enviable computer-assisted telephone interviewing system that also allows for web, handheld and interactive-voice response data collection. We are kicking public health ass over here.

I didn't have to buy a single drink at happy hour. That my friends, is a good day.

Mommy Day
Today I got to hang with the girls today. It was a low-key morning, errands in the afternoon, lunch out. Naps. Asia came over for dinner and a few more errands and we wrapped it all up with a trip to a new ice cream joint (Bruster's?) that was great and we took it to the playground where we swung and ate ice cream until bed time. Very nice. I think I'm going to like this part-time business.

The Weather Channel
One of the things that Pilar brought to my children is a love for The Weather Channel. I can't explain it. All I know is that tonight I was playing Lyman's cd as we went to get ice cream and Haley was humming "Big City Dreams", said she loved it. Anna piped in, "Yeah, we hear it all the time on The Weather Channel". Yeah----not so much, I think.

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