Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Too tired to be inspired

So I haven't posted in a while and don't really have much for today.

Rob is back
And that is very nice. We missed him. It was really sweet at the airport; Rob always tries to keep the girls in front of him when we're out walking but they didn't want to be anywhere but right beside him so it was slow going as they all worked out their walking dynamics. I did finally have to relieve Rob of one of his wheeled bags so Lindsay could hold his hand---she was hopping with delight and grinning so big---it must have felt good to be the Daddy in that moment. It was nice to watch, too. All of them were just so happy.

Not only did he enjoy his coursework there, they actually invited him back as faculty for next year. I'm so proud of him; he has done amazing work. Everybody loves my baby...

So Rob has this thing he plays with the girls about the danger of pirates lurking about. Lindsay is really into it. The other day he was telling her that he was the Daddy Pirate to which she replied, in utter confusion, that she was the Baby Daddy.... I think she meant Baby Pirate but babydaddy is funnier...

At any rate, I guess pirates are now part of the Mullen girl psyche as this weekend we took all of them to Build-A-Bear workshop and lunch (as a substitute for birthday parties this summer) and Lindsay dressed her bunny as a pirate. Name? Bunny Pirate. You know, for kids life is pretty simple. You've got your roles, you've got your species---that's what we'll call you. I guess I'm Mommy Boss-of-Everything.

The whole story
Its not like you haven't figured it out. Lindsay is a makeup pirate. She's CONSTANTLY in my makeup and driving me nuts. So the latest infraction was big lipstick design on my bathroom walls. And yes, it will have to be painted. THAT SUCKS!!!!

See, the thing is, when I was little, we lived in a smallish house. You have no idea how that affects the ability to create trouble! If I'm downstairs tending to something or other and one of them is out of the room, they could be way out of earshot and line of sight. My Mom could see or hear almost anything that went down in our house. Not so here. And boy do I have the wall art to prove it. I had recently decided I wasn't going to repaint EVER until the girls were old enough to be major contributors. But I just can't live with big lipstick spirals on my bathroom wall.

What's next
Man, I'm tired. Rob's 8 days out of the country were demanding for me. Thank goodness things are a bit more slow at work with my new arrangement or else it would be much worse. I'm off this week on Wed and Fri although I do have a project that I'll be working on from home on those days. On Sunday I head to Atlanta for four days of conference. This particular conference is one I attend most years and mostly with a crowd of favorite colleagues so its usually fairly raucous and not restful. This year most of my buds are staying home so I'll take it very easy. Hope to come home rested.

I'm moving on through the first sleeve of the Koigu sweater. Its about done and its beautifu. I love the lace pattern very much and don't want it to be over. I think I'm going to have to try to do more lace work because it is so much fun.

And socks. I bough a pile of really lovely hand-dyed sock yarns. I can NOT wait to have it in my hands. Or on my feet. I'm nuts, I tell you.

They're old now
My Dad bought a Lincoln Town Car. nice, but no denying that it confers "OLD" status. That and the mortgage-free house in Florida. Nothing says old quite as effectively. But he' a happy old man and Mom is thrilled that perhaps now he'll keep his mitts off her cute little convertible.


Drew said...

I want a Daddy moment like that!! Lucky man.

Kathy said...

I'd bet plenty of cash that you will get at least one of these Daddy moments.

Its a wonderful thing to watch, I'll tell you. Although I always knew how much my Dad loved me, our daily interactions were so different---Dad was busy working all the time and our household was really oriented around making his time in the house as stress-free as possible. He wasn't really that involved in our daily lives... so its great to see how different (and joyful) the relationships between Rob and our daughters are.

Its funny about life. I picked Rob because I knew he'd be a great husband and partner for life but I never really thought much about the kind of Daddy he might be. I feel pretty lucky about how wonderful he is in that role.