Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A new challenge

Stitched Up -- John Mayer, Herbie Hancock (Possibilities, 2005)

I remember when my friends and I graduated from college. How odd it seemed to be a person who owned a vacuum cleaner. How do you buy one? What makes one a "good" one? How will I ever buy drinks at happy hour if I spend my money on one? All important questions.

I've been so distracted by the really active commenting over on Drew's blog that I've used all my blog time up there. It actually devolved into a discussion between me and Drew's Dad, I think everyone else gave up (thanks, Lyman). I like getting older---at least I think that's what made it easier for me to hang in and try to explain the basis for my political beliefs without annoyance. I owe Drew some space, though, so if you ever find him running a blog post in my comments you'll know why. I must say I'm a little cyberenvious of his post that at this time has garnered 40 comments, even if Jason's doesn't really count (either one of them actually). I think a lot of my readers don't even know that they can comment because I can't imagine my Dad not sniping at some of my posts...

What I should have been doing is figuring out what are the important things to know when you're buying carpet. Yes friends, after 8.5 years in this house, the carpets are so disgusting I can't even live here anymore. Parental people: why the hell didn't you put up a bigger fuss over our selecting damn-near white carpets? When we were just starting a family? When we're a major pet household?

My neighbor just told me that they had recarpeted their house two weeks ago to the tune of 13K. Well, shit. I have 10K and thought I'd be able to squeeze a new recliner and some new lamps out of that as well. Poop. What's more, she said that she had priced essentially the same job out at Costco and been quoted 26K so apparently you have to wary of charlatans as well. I dunno---have I ever mentioned that I don't really have time to know what I need to know so I can do what I need to do? Seriously.

At this point I think we're going to proceed with a plan that prioritizes the following for our existing fundage:
carpet four rooms on lower level
New window coverings/lamps/side tables for living room
carpet upstairs
new recliner as Christmas gift for Kathy (aka, the knitting chair)

C'mon guys. How pitiful is it to have 10K cash and feel like its not enough to do what you want? I'm not talking about buying a new car or anything. But anyway---if you know anything at all about buying carpet, please share with me.

I'm a knittin' kitten. The last sleeve of my Koigu sweater will likely be finished today (Hail great knitter of metro DC!) and I can block it and drop with finisher. I've received a boatload of beautiful yarn I've ordered online because I wasn't happy with the sock yarn options in my LYS. The stuff is beautiful. I have secret projects going on, too, so that's very very exciting but complicates blogging a bit...

Poor Rob
Rob-o, former jock of the world, is suffering from sciatica. He has a chronic back issue ("bulging disc") from helmets in his back during his football days; it often flares up on long flights, and it did on his trip back from Oxford. It progressed to sciatica a couple of weeks ago now and the usual routine of anti-inflammatories/pain killers/muscle relaxers is just not breaking the cycle. We've been to the ER twice in 36 hours for IV dilaudid infusions. He's in serious trouble, can't really move at all, doesn't rest except for the few hours following the dilaudid. We're going to see a back specialist tomorrow, having MRI, etc. I have a call in to his primary care doc to see if he'll change his pain meds from percocet to a continual release duragesic patch or something. Its really terrible how badly he's hurting. And he's a stoic, stoic guy.

So I'm home watching him and LaLa, making sure he gets his meds on time, doesn't drive. Me and LaLa are chilling and I guess its time to see what I can learn on the internet about buying carpet or start knitting.

Noodle and Otis
I don't think I've told you guys: Noodle is such a hoot. Otis is smaller and allowed on the furniture. That frustrates Noodle a LOT so he's taken to lurking about the edges of the bed/couch and grabbing Otis's tail and pulling him off! Then he drags Otis around by his tail. Its so flipping funny! And Otis really doesn't seem to mind so much. Everyone needs a dog. Its better than television.

About the music
I love this song. I love the lyrics, I love JM's vocals, I love Herbie's keyboard. I think I might have even posted it before but I don't care. It sounds good. Most of the album is pretty good, too. I'll post Sting's version of Sister Moon soon; its hot.


Drew said...

I know other blogs where 40 comments is about a minimum. It was fun to see on mine though for a change.

I don't know anything about carpet other than the color we selected when we built the house was a good choice. It really hides the dog/cat/Julie hairs unless you get down close to it. But then there is only so much you can do with black cat and dog hairs.

I feel sorry for Rob. I have chronic knee and ankle pains due to a lifetime of playing sports, but at least at this point, I have never had to miss work because of it.

It's a good thing Noodle doesn't get on the internet, because he might be upset that Otis gets to be on the couch AND be in the photos of the family portion of your blog.

Otis Redding is the best. I meant to say that on the last one, but forgot. There is something about the old bluesy soul tunes from singers in the 70s that you hear in your gut, not just in your head or heart.

Kathy said...

I agree with you on the 70's soul. Lucky for me, that's when I was really young and soaking it all up like a sponge.

I definitely owe Noodle a picture or three on the blog. He's the cutest dog ever. Big, goofy, sweet. Shaggy. And he pulls Otis around by the tail.

I'm sure your Dad is still rolling his eyes over my opinions....