Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Knitting

Progress photos, overdue. Also please note these are likely to be the last ones taken with my trusty Olympus Camedia purchased about 4 years ago. I expect UPS to be dropping my new Canon 6mp still/video beauty any moment now.

The gloves... furry delight for little girls. I haven't knit the caps yet so I can't show the set. I have knit the band for it though. These thrill even me. The knitting took less than one hour. The gloves are the 99 cent kind that fit little girls or their mommies --total cost is about 3 bucks. I've done them before and they are certainly happily received...

Mystery Hat #3. Looking a little washed out by the sunshine but a beauty, for sure.

Mystery Hat #4. That's Laine du Nord, Ciclamino in raspberry. Its done on US 7 needles at the largest hat size (Kid Knits Twist and Sprout) to fit a larger adult head. It makes me want a strawberry/banana sundae.

Lindsay's sock. Opal yarn basic pattern back-fitted for a kid. Mistake in calculation, though, cuz it doesn't fit. I knit them on US1's, all four dpn's holding the work. That's much easier than using three. Thanks to Dagmar for insisting... I still love the socks...

My beautiful Lara.


Melissa said...

Hi Kathy! Your knitting projects are great! The hats and gloves are so fun!

Which camera did you get? I got the Canon PowerShot SD700 and love it!

Kathy said...

hello!!! how are you feeling?

I got the Canon sd600--not sure what the principal differences are in the models. So far, I'm loving mine; the set-up, re-shoot times are almost negligible; a big change from the Olympus. I love the big LCD, too.

There appears to be a lot of reading to do to get familiar with the setup and menus. Ah well...what's a techie girl to do?

Donna said...

Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL, so are the socks, hats and gloves. I can't believe someone can actually knit beautiful things to wear. Congrats. LYFE