Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lara's Debut

Last night I grabbed two or three WIPs (works in progress) and a couple of FO's (finished objects) and went off to knit with new friends.

These are women who have been knitting for most their lives, women who knit things without using patterns or writing things down. Absolutely incredibly skilled people. Very bright and funny, it was a great evening. I Ihope they invite me back some time.

Anyway, I took Lara and as you can see, its about finished. I'm working the decreases for the right sleeve; I've probably got about 13 inches left to knit. I'm hoping it will go fast. Of course, the more I blog about it, the less I'm knitting (I can't actually knit while typing). I also took the Koigu Ballet Cashmere and some hats. All projects were greeted with enthusiasm but I'm still not certain I'm skilled enough to be part of their circle. I meant to take Anna's Watermelon sweater but I forgot.

One of the women was knitting socks---she's relatively new with socks and she confirmed what I suspected: once you begin knitting socks, you will always knit socks and they are wonderful to wear. She had the MOST FABULOUS sock yarn ever---a yarn that patterns itself--this is how it looks right off the skein---no switching yarns, nothing. Its magic! This particular "colorway" is called Acapuloc and its by a German company called Opal. I bought a pile of it on the internet today.

There was much chatting, not so much knitting but it was exactly how a night of knitting with friends should be: lots of talking, laughing, eating and some admiration of work and skill. I worked Lara until I needed to pay a little attention and then switched to what I'll just call "Mystery Hat #1". Its finished and I'm ready to move on to Mystery Hats 2 - 12. Please note, this may be regarded as quite ugly by some. I'm sure, however, that it will suit the intended recipient quite well.

The family is doing well; we had parent-teacher conferences and received first marking period report cards. Haley's report card was nothing short of stellar but the teacher and I both feel like she could work harder in math. Anna's report card was also good and its cleared she has made a great deal of progress in her handwriting and reading since the first of the year. She appears to have had the benefit of the mysterious "click" that educators talk about because she's so much more engaged, organized and responsible in her work. I can't get over it. Very proud of these girls.

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