Friday, December 15, 2006


Aaron Neville -- Such a Night (Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas)

Who was that guy who helped the distraught princess spin so much straw into gold? I'm nowhere near so far as I thought I'd be with the Mystery Hats. I never REALLY said they'd be Christmas gifts but that certainly seems to be out of the question now. Manos is beautiful, inspiring fiber but I've not picked it up in some time. Wonder what that's about. I'll have to root around for a new pattern; maybe I'm getting bored...

Thinking having MORE Manos might encourage me to knit what I haven't touched, I purchased the three skeins you see here; these are for a hat and scarf for me. They will be my Christmas Day reward for all the time I'm spending away from knitting preparing for the holidays.

This eyelet rolled brim hat is from a pattern I found at HeadHuggers. I began working it with leftover DB Alpaca Silk from my Lara sweater; of course its now nearly finished and I'm what? Yes---out of yarn. I have more winging its way to me but for now its on to other hats...

Meet Odessa. She was found as I was trying to id a new pattern for that pile of Manos. And, uh, she's not a Manos kind of girl so... that's Debbie Bliss Cathay (cotton/silk/viscose) in a delightful plum. The pattern calls for beads---bleh. Not doing that. Similar, but not the same, to the Twist and Sprouts I've been doing in Manos, this is a quick knit and the yarn feels really fabulous in your hands.


Vicki said...

...must have been a Manos day! I bought two skeins of white to make a hat for myself :-) So that now makes FIVE projects.

Is our KA meeting happening soon? LOL

Kathy said...

lord, I hope not!

For the record, I don't think it counts as "stash" unless you buy it without having a project in mind for it to be completed in the near future. I *did* however feel compelled to assure Rob that all of the yarn currently on ice should be knitted into garments within three months.... he really seems to not care so I'll have to moderate myself---I'm SO not good at that!