Saturday, January 6, 2007

I've been a Pandora fan for over a year now; I love their idea and I love their partnership with SlimDevices and the combination of my custom radio streaming on the Squeezebox. I've added a link to a handful of the stations I've been playing with over in the sidebar. I think you'll have to endure some advertising and perhaps even create a listener account to hear the music but they don't ask for any personally identifying information. Check it out.

I think their jazz repertoire is pretty limited but pleasing so far. I'm hoping that other jazz devotees will create bigger demand and also provided meaningful feedback for them by way of indicating likes/dislikes... I know their service must operate as a two-way street with user input being funneled into business development/improvement planning. If you're at all interested in Pandora and enjoy jazz a little bit, I'd encourage you to become a free member and play with some stations.

I think the DB Alpaca/Silk scarf is about 4/5 finished now; good thing, it needs to meet its owner soon. I've been trying out my Options needles while knitting on the Charlotte's Web shawl. I *love* the needles; there's nothing to dislike as far as I can tell. The only wildcard now is whether the cables have the nasty tendency to come loose that I've heard about in other brands. But let me tell you, so far I like these for metal needles as well as any I've ever knit with. I still prefer to knit with wood when possible but some projects, fibers do best with metal so these will come in handy.


Drew said...

I was going to do this same post. Well, without the knitting part though. I have become addicted to Pandora. I have only been listening for a couple months now and I already have a dozen or so random stations. I couldn't get your stations to work without typing in a username/password, but maybe that's because my computer's cookies are already recognizing that I have belong to the site... Anyone else able to listen to them without an account? Was it easy to them into your blog?

Kathy said...

It was *incredibly* easy to get them in my blog---you simply plug in your blogname within your Pandora account and it generates the HTML to embed in your template. That's it. Once its in your template you can manipulate further to expand/reduce the number of stations that appear.

No one else has said anything about my stations (poor me) so I don't know. I know it asks me to log in as well... hmmm. After you log in, do you hear my stations, yours or both?

Drew said...

It included your station within my stations.