Saturday, January 13, 2007

A New Look!

I took the plunge with the "new" templates on the "new" blogger. The "new" templates look one hell of alot like the "old" templates but there is the bonus of adding labels to posts. This allows folks to identify all posts of a certain topic and also allows me to see what captures my attention most. I like that. The real bargain, here, though, is that I can dispense with the other blogs I had put up to accomplish the same kind of thing and then abandoned because it was too much work.

One week, three teeth

What is there to say about this? She is the cutest, goofiest kid.

And a big surprise

This guitar sitting right next to me now. I've tried to learn three times before, life and intimidation got in the way. Last night, after a great, great dinner of Indian food with my cBFF, we stopped by a bookstore/coffee shop ( a real one). The coffee shop was downstairs where it appeared to be guitar-night because there were a bunch of folks sitting with their axes; what else could it be when there was a guy up front showing off some licks? I heard the one guy do two numbers; he was amazing. I was struck by the magic that can be made, one person, one guitar. Today I bought this beautiful, lovely sounding Yamaha FG730. Its a student model for sure but it has a solid top, sides and back and a beautiful rosewood neck and fretboard.
I'm feeling a little intimidated.


Drew said...

Must have been something in the air for a template changing weekend. I revised mine as well. More of a modification than an actual change, but it's different now.

Your blog no longer shows up properly for me now that you have converted. I don't know if other people are seeing it the same way, but it is really spread out left-to-right. Enough that when it opens, there is a scroll bar on the bottom of the page and it's only half-way across the screen. I have to move the scroll bar to be able to read your posts and all of your links are not visible without scrolling. I have tried both IE and Firefox with the same result. I did notice when I "viewed source" that your outer-wrapper had a width of 1800px so that might be why since my screen is setup for 1024 wide.

Just thought I would let you know.

Kathy said...

I *really* appreciate the comment, Drew. I was wondering. All of my monitors are very large and set up accordingly. I'm sure that's not the case for most readers.

Can't wait to check yours out but I'm gonna work on the relationship of wrappers, etc first.

Happy MLK-eve.