Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pop Culture: Vintage 1971?

In my mind, there is nothing like little Michael Jackson doin' his thing on early 1970's Variety Shows. Keep in mind I was younger than Michael but certainly of the same age and COMPLETELY knocked out by him when I was 7 years old. Check this out---that boy has been a performer since day One:

And how about this? This is absolutely my favorite ever performance; just watch him put it out there. I don't think anyone has ever had what he's got in these early performances.

There are lots of other great clips around, I hope you've enjoyed these two. I've often wondered why someone doesn't acquire all the rights for these gems and package them for sale. I'd absolutely pay money for good quality, comprehensive look at this.

Finally, in what my have been his last effort before parting with sanity all together, I did love his "Off the Wall" album. Note it is probably the last minute that Disco was palatable as well...

I spent about an hour looking at these kinds of MJ clips with the girls last night. Without saying anything to them about the man, Haley right away said---HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL and SCARY! I'm so sorry for all the talent lost to him and the world. But he's a nut job.


Donna said...

Loved Thriller too. He was cute in that I think, and the music was davoon. Too bad he's lost it completely. The pictures/clips didn't come through on mine, could have been stopped by Big Brother at my work.

Tell LaLa to expect a package from me, I'm mailing it today. LYFE

Kathy said...

Oh, LaLa is the luckiest girl to have such a thoughtful cousin!!! Can't wait!

Drew said...

Where did my comment go? Grrr.

To summarize:
Bat shit crazy. Did you see the PJs to his court case. Hard to pin point stepping over deep end, but success after the Thrill album was close.

Early Jackson 5 stuff? Killer!

Hope this one goes through.

Drew said...

Oops, typo. Thriller album. Although the Thriller album was kind of thrilling as well. A lot of good songs on that album. Thriller, Beat It, P.Y.T., Billie Jean.

Oh I also forgot to add one thing. Elvis's backflip in his grave when the wedding happened.