Tuesday, January 9, 2007

This from today's Washington Post

At Newsstands Everywhere, the Honorable Beach Babe From Illinois

Excuse me while I collect myself.

You know, it was a perfectly fine morning, really. I've been feeling quite badly for two days and this morning my headache miraculously took its leave after some caffeine. So it was that I was downstairs in the bright sunshine of my kitchen, waiting for the water to come to boil for tea to soothe my stomach which is not at all happy about the antibiotics I'm taking.

I don't normally read the newspapers (a. they're filthy, dirty things; b. I get all the local news I need from a community rag read online, c., Rob usually takes it to work with him). But because I was standing there, waiting, in the quiet, with no yarn at hand to twist and loop, I skimmed the front page which Rob had left. Florida beats all hell out of Ohio State (hate the Gators), Bush trying to rally support for his new Iraq strategy, blah blah blah. Slow news day. So it was that I turned the page and POW! There's nearly naked presidential hopeful Barak Obama cavorting in Honolulu's tropical surf. WOO HOO! Good for you, Mr. Senator!

Here's the thing--oh come on, you knew I was going to do this... wtf is going on with news reporting? The story leads with how banal it is that People magazine (and I no longer subscribe!!) ran a "Beach Babe" story on its cover last week and that in addition to scantily clad starlets and hollywood hunks, there was also this shot of Mr. Obama. Oh, for shame, People magazine! it seemed to cry out! But guess what? On Page flippin' Two of The Washington Post, arguably one of the two or three most important papers in our country they ran the same tasteless photograph. And their story? All about his "apparent" embarassment.

Screw you, Mr. Post. What could they have possibly hoped to accomplish? For the record, he's hot--- nearly toneless upper body and all. I'd do him.

"Jungle Fever" -- Stevie Wonder

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Melissa said...

Ok, that just made me laugh out loud in the office.... Thanks for the picture :)