Sunday, February 4, 2007

Crafty girls

What's a Mommy to do when she's clearly overwhelmed and she has three little girls to keep amused without much effort on her part?

Craft. Thank you Aunt Tracy, you are the goddess of all things crafty and fun. Plus good books (or looks, whichever you prefer). Last night, Haley's BFF A. came to spend the night (young parents note: the more friends you have in the house, the less demanding your children will be of your time, attention; its absolutely true---just every once in a while throw a couple handsful of food into the room and run).

I think we ended up with something like a dozen potholders that look great and the girls had SO much fun. I think that's really all they did all evening, all night, all morning. Only bummer is that they want to give some to their teacher(s) so I only ended up with two, neither of which were the ones I had "commissioned". In fact, one I made myself.

The Artists...

Anna made something for me on Friday, her second day out of school, spending quality time with Mom:

Let me help out with the text:
At top it says, "I'm haveing a good time with you."
Mommy is only nice.
Only be's nice.
Mommy likes to knit.
Mommy likes to cook.
You Knit.
Ask me if I liked it.
In other news
Haley's report card came home Thursday (Anna wasn't there to collect hers). She was the only member of her class to receive straight A's. She also received special recognition for her exceptional "Learning Skills". She's reading above the fifth grade level. I have trouble explaining to her what her spelling words mean sometimes... and you know, according to the intelligence test over on Special K's blog, I'm a freakin' genius.


Anonymous said...

WOW..............I think some INDY cousins would love potholders!!!!!!!!!

Cousin Carol

Donna said...

Sounds like even in your depression you are able to enjoy at least other people's fun. It looks like a wonderful party being crafty. Those pot holder do look mighty lovely to those in Indy. LYFE

Kathy said...

that had somehow occurred to me... I suppose I won't await the completion of the final mystery hat!