Friday, February 9, 2007

Mysteries Revealed

I've been dying to post these pictures but wanted to wait until they were received by the expectant parents in California. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the "Wavy Gravy Baby Bolero and Cap":

Details: Bolero and Cap, both from Interweave's One Skein (they have a blog with knitalongs for the projects---frankly don't get that; I mean we're talking about things you can make with one skein...they should be pretty fast, pretty simple, eh?) Sorry about that. The fiber is Schaefer Yarn's Laurel, 100% mercerized pima cotton in colorway Judy Garland.

At the risk of offending the recipients I will say that both of these items were made with yarn I had left over from Anna's fruit loop sweater. I definitely purchased too much then. But I'm very proud of myself for using yarn I already owned -- plus I didn't even have to leave the house when I got the itch to do this. For the record, this is the project that broke the awful boredom I fell into doing the cursed Mystery Hats. Very soon, very soon, I swear, I will knit that last hat and send them off.

This particular yarn came to mind for a couple of reasons: the first is that the woman who would have been this baby's great-grandmother, the late, great Mary Dillard Walker, loved Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (at least I seem to think that's true) and secondly because I wanted something sunny and bright for SunBaby. I had absolutely no idea it would end up looking like some hippy, tie-dyed, Grateful Dead baby-gear. In that case I could also say I chose it for any number of family types who could/would/should be hippies.

The eyelet motif on back is an ancient eastern motif used in clothing to confer good health on the wearer. I love that.

One for my Baby

Last night I watched "Good Night and Good Luck"--extremely well done and in case you're wondering, I think George Clooney would have probably been hot even in 1953... but throughout the movie I was struck by the incredible vocal talent of a jazz-singer seen on camera a several times. I kept thinking, "wow---how can someone who sings like that be someone we don't all know?"--- Dianne Reeves. I didn't even recognize her. I'd have probably never known either except for the song playing as the credits rolled was the amazing piece I'm playing here---mostly just an adeptly arranged duo between bass and Dianne's incredible voice. Isn't it fabulous?

I can't find any information anywhere on who the bass player is. The other sidemen are listed but I'm going to have to dig more. I ordered the soundtrack so soon enough I should know more.


Anonymous said...

Hi,I am a Dianne Reeves fan/watcher also. Visit her website Christoph Luty is the bass player on that cd. My daughter is a jazz pianist who has met and worked with the Jeff Hamilton Trio which includes Christoph and Tamir Hendelman on piano. They all were featured artists and workshop leaders at the Centrum/Port Townsend Jazz Festival which she has participated in for two years. I have had the extreme pleasure of spending four days last year at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival meeting them along with many other great jazz artists by being the announcer/emcee in the ballroom where the clinics were held. It was an exciting time for me. I hope to meet Dianne Reeves someday also. Her website is wonderful. Jazzy Cheers.Kandie Webster in Washington State (jazzylover59)

Vicki said...

I have some Dianne Reeves CDs if you want to listen to her on other albums. I like her earliest recorded work best, and haven't really followed her much in the past few years.

Kathy said...

I can never say no to offers like that, V. I have "Never Too Far" from 1990, which I love, and I'll listen to whatever you're willing to lend.

Because you know why? That Marcus Roberts cd you brought is AMAAAAAZING. I haven't even really paid much attention yet to Angie or Joss Stone...(Lindsay wants to listen to the "Rent" soundtrack repeatedly...)

FYI---I cast on the first of Rob's socks in Regia today; I think I'm just going to do it all in stockinette...


Donna said...

I love my babies new duds. Love that he will look like Baby Wavy Gravy, baby hippie boy. I talked to Lyman and Carrie last night and they said they love it, it's so tiny and colorful. We know baby boy will be colorful but I have my doubts on tiny. It's less that 2 weeks now until the due date and Mama says she's ready for him to come out now. He'll look adorable in it for sure. Mary Walker's favorite song and songstress was Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Judy Garland. You were right on that one kiddo.

Love the music. She has a great voice. I've never heard of her before.

jazzylover59 said...

I am getting back to you about the Dianne Reeves song and who is playing bass on it. I may have been wrong about Christoph Luty, although he is on the album soundtrack. Robert Hurst is listed specifically as bass on the sixth song at the end of the credits at the movie, Good Night and Good Luck. The soundtrack actually has 15 songs, of which Dianne sings 14. The movies only list five songs sung by Dianne Reeves. Have you gone to the Dianne Reeves website yet? Also, try to see the PBS documentary, Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life which just came out this week. The soundtrack is available on that also, where Dianne sings all of the vocals except one by Elvis Costello. Jazzy Cheers, Kandie Webster in Washington State

Lyman said...

Lil' Porkchop is going to rock the hippie rags, fo' sho'!

And I've played with Diane Reeves before, she performed with the Mancini Institute Alumni Orchestra once. What a fantastic singer.