Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale Tonight

It was with a fair amount of loathing for the show that I began to join Rob in the disaster that is the audition parts of the show.... he loves it; I find it humiliating, mean and perhaps contrived to some extent.

American Idol serves its "successful" contestants to the music industry machine as a primary purpose as much as "the American people". We know, of course, that the music industry machine is not about art. Its about calculated preparation of musical products for well-defined market segments. If you are able to accept this and let it go, you may be able to enjoy some of what is seen and heard there.

I have accepted that the people I believe most talented will never, ever win. Because I'm not the market segment they're looking for and I'm a very critical listener and by nature, a cynic. I do, however, appreciate having seen them and hoping to see them win other distinctions....

Elliott Yamin was my boy for last season. He has an album released by Hickory Records and I hope it does well. He has an amazing, smoky tenor voice, a true crooner's soul and a predelicition for early 70's R&B ballads.

Tonight will see a 17-year old, lovely lovely chanteuse, quite capable and nicely packaged, going up against Blake Lewis. Blake is amazing: he has a beautiful soft voice that is a lovely balance to his insane beat-boxing. Performer extraordinaire. I think he is the more interesting, more "worthy" of the finalists tonight.

He won't win.

Another look at him here. I've always thought this song sizzled (what's your name? who's your daddy? has he taken any time to show you what you need to live?). I think his delivery here is contemporary, edgy, and he's got some great moves. So I won't comment on artistry but this man performs. Well.

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