Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have got to get the Krista sweater wrapped up and put together. I'm about 5 inches from the neck shaping. If I'm a very good girl, I can have it done this week. Its looking lovely. I should note that I had to go BACK to Woolwinders to buy yet another skein of Sierra for it; good color match, all ends well.

I walked in to find Marietta with her adorable newborn. I must be having some good baby karma; I spent parts of yesterday with Melissa's baby, Sadie. Oh those new little ones are sooooo tiny! And I just read that Milo is already rolling over. These babies get big too fast. I don't like it. I just love to have my arms full with an infant....

At any rate, I do need to step up on the Krista as I'd like to wear it but also because I need to finish up Charlotte's Web, figure out what to knit with the Rowan All-Season Cotton that I scored on eBay, do some socks. Because today....

I bought another project. Imagine the body detail of Plymouth Yarn's sleeveless top

with a small cap sleeve and a rather narrow but deep V-neck. It will take some pattern tinkering and math but I think I can manage. The model I saw at the store didn't extend the ribbing detail so high which might be a nice idea with an empire-style bodice. But I think I'll keep that part as is to avoid too much pattern rigging. Pretty, eh? Unfortunately the LYS didn't have the yarn I wised to do it in but the eBay gods were once again kind to me and I found

Debbie Bliss Cathay (cotton, viscose, silk) for less than retail (a good bit so). I feel guilty about not spending my yarn dollars to support my entrepeneur friend but I can't buy what she doesn't have and I can't always compromise that way... This will hang more loosely than the sweater in the photo; it has a slight sheen and very silky hand feel. Can't wait!

On other knitting topics, today before going to buy the additional yarn to finish Krista, I tried to begin a pair of socks using the two-at-once on two circular needles approach. NOOOOOOOO!!!! If anything could suck the joy out of sock knitting, that would be it. Never, never, never. Never! I will stick to managing five pointy double pointed needles in the space of three inches or so, thank you very much. People who like this method must knit for some reason other than the pleasure of it---way too much keeping track, paying attention...bleh.

Off to knit!

Decadent Delight Alert:

Rob discovered these. Awesome doesn't begin to capture it...mmmmmm.

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