Sunday, May 20, 2007

Momma Said Knock You Out...

good grief; I haven't been able to sleep in days. And with Rob working like a maniac, I'm a bit of a danger to these children...

The weekend (so far)
I wish it would end.

I was really looking forward to knitting Friday with a darling friend and others; I even gave up my usual Thursday night out so that Rob wouldn't have two consecutive nights alone; with Dave out of town (hello, are you? I thought you were coming back before you moved to B.C.) it seemed like no real loss.

Just in general, Rob has been getting slammed at work for what seems like months--- a really big increase in responsibilities and staff, the concomitant negotiating for the resources to support the additional work and objectives... leading right up to weeks and weeks of strategic planning for the organization. Those of you who know Rob understand how NON-organizational he is. Like me---just let me do my thing, tell me what I need to know. Please don't make me go to management retreats and play team/character-building games. Shoot me now.

At any rate, culmination of much of this has been meetings ALLLLLLLL weekend long---including a dinner meeting Friday that kept him out till 10:30; much later than either of us would have liked or expected. I stood up knitting friend, didn't even call as the kids were really keeping me on my toes with soccer practice, dinner, preparing for Saturday's soccer game...
I went to bed fairly late; no sleep. Recognizing this as perhaps the best opportunity I've had in some time to chat with my sister on the west coast, I gave her a ring. I think I fell asleep at about 4:30. Right up until Rob's alarm went off at 7:30... never to sleep again. Last night both Rob and I hit the sack at around 11---I'm not sure what time I came downstairs to knit and listen to some podcasts. I did finally fall asleep around 3:30; again, up at 7:30 with Rob's morning meeting...

Tired. I know I could sleep now, of course, because its not even a remote possibility. Rob should be home mid-afternoon today. As he left he wished me a good day; even though I was trying desperately to lie very still and hope I could will myself to sleep, I bolted upright and exclaimed, "you mean good half-day, don't you???"

Anna's first sleepover
My Anna is a goof and we love her for it; she makes my heart glad---the only words I can find to really describe how endearing she is are Spanish: me encanto. She enchants me; my heart swells with all the sweetness, goofiness and clumsiness that is Anna March.

Being the middle kid and a couple of years younger than any other kid in the neighborhood other than Lindsay, she has long pined for a good friend that she might have for sleeping over and playing without tolerating Haley's friends treatment:

Last summer, Haley and another girl her age

were playing "house" in our front yard. They

weren't wanting Anna to play but I insisted they

should. They made Anna be the family dog.

"Tied" her to the tree and ignored her.

Anna didn't even mind. She sat there and

whimpered at them and panted...

yes, I know there's precedence for this

in the family. Make John be Seaweed, indeed!

Poor sweet little John, sitting on the floor,

his fronds fanning the mermaids on a rock up high...
So it was that I invited a girl from the soccer team to spend the night last. She's played on our team the last two seasons and we have been very charmed by her. Never, Never, Never (never) invite a child to spend the night in your home if they've never been in your home before. Because you have NO idea what you're getting yourself into. Haley's friends are all well-mannered, bookish girls; all giggles and good manners. Anna? Seems she has an affinity for really energetic, kind of rude, bossy and perhaps mean girls. For the most part, hosting a sleepover is a good deal: you might have to do a bit more of the kitchen/hostess-y kinds of things but it does indeed liberate you a bit as the kids go off to play together. Oh no; not that this beas...kid. Jumping on MY bed? Non-family kids shouldn't even be in my room let alone forcing their sweaty soccer foot funk into my comforter. Spilling drinks on the bedside table; all over my books (so long sudoku and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius). It is only the second time I've felt I absolutely had to very firmly admonish someone else's child. I don't like that. Of course, Anna has had hers as well... I had never met the girl's mother prior to Friday's practice; the little girl did say that her Mom yells a lot---jeez--go figure. She works full-time (won't pick up girlie until about 5 today), her husband is deployed with the Navy, two kids. At any rate, I hope she won't be offended by the pick-up report.

On the bright side, things seem better after I reigned them in at 7:30 this morning. Early breakfast, sent the kids OUTSIDE.

I suppose most of all I'm very surprised at how easily Anna can be led astray by this friend. She seems to have taken complete leave of her senses.

Were it not for cBFF A's visit yesterday I might just begin to believe the world is a joyless place. But you simply can NOT be miserable in A's company. She's too wild. Ella me encanto, tambien.
Moving forward...Not much to do about that now, right? Just look forward to better behavior and understanding. And Rob's departure on Tuesday until the wee hours of Sunday am---just hours before Lindsay's birthday party. Sigh. I'm a little concerned; this will be the first long trip he's made since I've turned into a person who hardly sees other adults during the day; have no real respite when the kids get overwhelming

But now, its quiet in my living room; I have my knitting and coffee; things are neat and I can hear the kids outside. Everything But the Girl's acoustic set streaming through the wi-fi. Nice. Could someone come over here and rub my feet? Warm up my coffee? Put a roast in the oven and peel the potatoes? Because I'd really just like to drift off to sleep while reading the Washington Post Sunday Magazine.

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Just checking on you... seems like everything is going well and that is a good thing. My best to everyone. V.