Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mary Beth

Today is my older niece's NINETEENTH birthday. I love being her Auntie; she was a great kid and she's certainly growing into the loveliest of young women. Smart, funny, curious and sweet---I know she has a really bright future awaiting her. There's something about being an Auntie that is special-- a priveleged place in the person's life, not so much responsibility. And let's not forget indulgence of impulses Mommy and Daddy might not... Happy Birthday, Mary. I promise I'll seal up that box soon and get it in the mail!

I was thinking of Mary's birth. Beth Ann wrote all of her birth announcements the night she was born, stayed up all night. I remember thinking she was an absolute lunatic. What I didn't know was how common it is for women to experience huge rushes of adrenalin post-partum. I was wide awake through the first couple of nights with each of my babies---those precious quiet moments when your newborn actually still sleeps and a woman who is able would be wise to do the same. But I didn't write announcements...

In the wee hours of the morning following Lindsay's birth, I'd had enough of being awake, alone, with my baby snoozing. I didn't dare call Rob because he needed to sleep. Dave and A. love me, but they weren't going to dig a phone call at 7 AM, plus they had to go to work. But Melissa? Well, Melissa was pretty footloose and fancy free AND an early riser. And that's how it came to pass that Melissa stopped by Target to pick up a new Boppy, some other silliness and came to keep me company early in the morning at the DC hospital where all of my daughters were born.

Melissa's first daughter Sadie is almost a month old. They came to spend the afternoon with me and the girls today---their first "big" outing as they live about 30 miles away. Sadie is just beautiful and sweet, very interested in the world around her. She feels so good in my arms and she smells perfect. I held her every moment I could and fed her twice. I think she loves me. I think I love her. I'm so glad Melissa finally contributed a baby to our crew.

All three girls were pretty smitten with Sadie but Lindsay was very concerned that we were going to keep her. That was NOT something she was going for!

Brief knitting update
Krista is nearly finished but I'm not sure she's completely prepared for the trip I'm taking. We'll see. I have one short sleeve left to knit, assembly, edging and blocking to do. It could happen. I'm not holding my breath. But if tonight is a another sleepless night I know what I'll be doing...

I caught my second-ever episode of Knitty Gritty on HGTV. I think I like it well enough to TiVo it. This week's segment was on "teen knitting" and they did a super-cute little tank top that I think I'd like to do with or for Haley. It will be sooooo fast and adorable! They did the straps in I-cord using satin ribbon---the same ribbon used as an accent at the neckline. The little shine of the satin ribbon in the straps was just *perfect*. I love simple patterns like this one because it really liberates you to embellish and personalize...play out those creative impulses and impose them on your children---that's the kind of Mommy I am.

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Melissa said...

Sadie and I had a great time visiting with you yesterday!!!! We love you all!