Saturday, June 2, 2007


Lyman's demo of Twitter yesterday generated some interest among readers. Blogger offers "Moblog" that will allow you to send text or images from your phone to what appears to be an email address but I'm sure its a bot of some sort. Once you've sent your first mobile "post" to that blog, you're able to associate those messages with your Blogger blogs. The Blogger Help is hot-linked in the title here. Have fun!

A quick demo of moblogging resultsl


[N.B.: I have edited these posts for logical sequencing into one sequential discussion; Blogger of course publishes most recent first...what I had were three seperate posts with last first, etc]

Editing now in Blogger proper just to tell you what happened. I snapped a photo of my desktop pc using my mobile phone. I sent that image with the tag and subject lines you see above. Very shortly (less than one minute) I received a message back from the bot telling me the name and claim code of my mobile blog.

Following the very simple instructions in that message, I logged into, enter the validation info and was presented with a number of options for publishing from your mobile. I selected this blog and here we are. That's it kids.

I'm going to send one more to see what subsequent processes are; I imagine that it just publishes directly with no other action.

And here is second test....


It doesn't get any easier than this. Shoot, send, published. You do receive a confirmation of success/failure. How cool is this going to be on vacation or tour???

By the way, you can send as text, MMS or by email.

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