Friday, June 22, 2007

First day of my new year

I spent it helping Dave and T. pack up their house a bit. I cried most of the drive over, only teared up a bit while there, teared up a bit more as Dave described how overwhelming all the preparations for the move have been (don't go!) over our "last" regular Thursday-night sushi, cried a bit on the way home. Between the crying and all the sweating of hot flashes, you'd think I'd be a mere bag of bones by now, but no! there's still a good bit of me to contend with...

The people at Niwano Hana think we're married. That cracks me up; how people make assumptions like that! We've been very regular customers for almost ten years; when Haley was a baby they told me how much she looked like her Daddy---except they've never seen Rob...and she looks like me, duh! Over the years, we've sometimes brought T. along, occassionally WeeB.One, and once or twice, even Beth. But mostly its just a fun night for me and Dave. Besides GREAT sushi, their avocados (for the California Tuna rolls...mmm!) are always at the perfect ripeness and their pork shumai are the best *ever*.

So Dave and T.'s house is nearly packed up; today they gave to me the entire contents of their liquor cabinet (party over here!). Dave and T. did a lot of entertaining so let me tell ya---I've got a bona fide how-m-I-gonna-store-all-this-hooch problem. Good stuff, too: great tequila(s), fabulous vodkas (i love me some Ketel One), gins, whiskey, even some great brandy...all kinds of stuff. I kid you not: I don't think I'll ever drink all of it. But I'll put a dent in it for sure --- my favorite summer cocktails could be abundant: pink grapefruit juice, cointreau, vodka (tequila also works), limonella; bit of lime. Refreshing...!

Their flight to Vancouver is scheduled for next Wednesday am....

Audio clips are now available for Lyman's recent Shuffle post on Tracks for the Day; go check them out!


As one of the more skeptical epidemiologists you'll ever meet, I'm certainly wary of drawing haphazard conclusions about cause-effect relationships. Still, I do have to say that since I started taking the magnesium and other vitamins, my hot flashes are entirely manageable and I'm sleeping. It is delightful to sleep well. I think I'm at the point of life where there's nothing more refreshing than sleep. I'm sure in about 25 years I'll be at the stage where life just isn't worth living if you can't poop, but for now, its all about sleep and I'm glad I can...

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