Sunday, July 15, 2007

And now for something completely different (v.2)

Turns out I've used that title before; who would have guessed? That yours truly would veer from one thing to the next with little warning or logic (but don't say I'm illogical!)? Hmmm. Curious.

Baby Rib Cable Socks (Charlene Schurch)

They're coming right along! Lookie:

Sure, I showed a progress photo that was nearly identical about a week ago but it was the first of the pair and I offer you the proof above...aren't they lovely? Besides the delicate cables, what I love most about these socks are the damn shaped toes; they fit so well and look so pretty on the foot:

I have about 1 more inch of foot to knit before I begin shaping the toe which takes a bit longer than you might think. Tech details: Charlene Schurch 4-stitch baby cable rib on US3 Crystal Palace bamboo dpn's, ArtYarns SuperMerino 4ply. An altogether wondrous experience in the hand. I think I may become a sock knitter exclusively. Today anyway, tomorrow I think I'd like to be Emperor of something. Luckily Rob lets me do anything I want. As if he has a choice... at any rate, you've been spared knitting chat a long time so suck it up.

My Dogs
You haven't seen them in while and they're the cutest things so here you are:

They are entirely goofy but both are so sweet and so funny together. Noodle has become far more civilized and that is very very good news!
Family Outing
Well, its time to hit the road and take the crew to Tampa for a long, long visit at the grandP's. For now its looking like lovely neice Kells will arrive her next weekend to accompany myself and three young Mullens in the minivan to Tampa, to arrive by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. We plan to stay till early the second week of August because I definitely have to be there for the Ben Folds/John Mayer concert on the 7th. I'm not a road warrior so I've booked a little suite at about the halfway point with a pool and breakfast, beds, high speed cable. It should break down into about two 7.5 hour days. I think I can handle. Over a period of three weeks or so, all of my parents children/grandchildren will be in residence.

It sounds like fun but I'm thankful its kind of home turf and I can always go see some of my old friends if things get intense. In fact, my best buddy from grad school just happens to be getting married while I'm there, a very low key affair to which I wouldn't even been invited if I hadn't given her the heads up I'd be in town. She has built her career in the same vein as mine, as has her husband; we all like to drink a bit and crank up the Stevie Ray Vaughan so its looking like a good time. The only thing is its going to be a long long time without Rob, Otis and Noodle. Rob will fly down for a long weekend in the middle but still...

Other family fun recently has included a game of Scattergories with the girls last night (Anna always gets a 4-point handicap for obvious reasons). Even so, we still have a long review of each objective and there is frequently much discussion about what things mean. Last night, Anna said, "what's a bibble?" Parent score for religious education:0.

Tonight is Scrabble which is actually a lot of fun with the girls but we've got to get it going so I can get my Mighty Conchords on.

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DW2 said...

Love that yarn! And the toe shaping is very nice. I am "grafting challenged" so I am envious of your roundy toe ends! :-)