Monday, July 23, 2007


Long-stay suitcases packed -- check
Overnight hotel bag packed -- check
3 weeks worth of crafting diversions -- check
iPod full of tunes and podcasts -- check
dual screen DVD player wired and installed -- check
AC/DC converter for laptop use tested and ready to go -- check
Two days worth of distracting snacks packaged in serving size bags -- check
Gameboys charged -- check
15 beach towels to augment Mom's supplies -- check
toiletries and daily meds -- check
shoes for things I expect to wear and shoe for "just in case" events -- check
"something borrowed" cache for friend getting married -- check
17 year old niece to keep me company and help with girls -- check
A/C refrigerant charged -- check
Gas tank full -- check

Its time to go to Tampa.


Special K said...

Oh, I love lists! (What on earth is a dual screen dvd player?)

Have a great trip!

Kathy said...

ah---our minivan was bought prior to pre-installed dvd players---another whole rant; so we bought a portable model that runs on direct current and has *two screens* so two kids can watch (with headphones only in MY car; I'm listening to music...). Plus we have the laptop with which still another passenger can watch movies.

If I hear ONE MORE WORD out of you kids, I'm turning this car around.....

Melissa said...

have a great trip!!! Sounds like you are all set for a great adventure. As long as no one kills each other :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun nestled in the heart of your family. That's the good part. The tongues of your family is what you have to watch out for, they're barbed you know. I'm sure everyone will have the most wonderful time. Nothing like being with family in my book. Have a safe trip.
LYFE Nonna March

Lyman said...

I didn't realize the trip was happening now. Hope you guys have a great time. I admire your courage for taking such a long road trip with those girls!

Kathy said...

Hey lym: do you mean my mom and tracy or my daughters?