Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sockos Finitos

I love my socks, I love my socks and they're finished. Its on now to sewing on the last sleeve of the Krista tee and crocheting the neck edge before I allow myself to get fired up about the next new project. Not to mention, I do need to work on the Charlotte's Web shawl.

Missing my best friend
Its pathetic. I miss Dave. Last night, I went out late for a quick "real coke" fix through the Mickey-D's drive-thru. It was a pretty night, I hadn't been out in a while. That damn Cindy Lauper song came "Time After Time". OK, let's cry.

Today, folding some laundry, a strange gray tee---hmmm; Rob and I usually segregate our laundry and then I remembered: on one of my last visits to Dave's I spilled something all over my crisp white shirt so I borrowed a tee of his to do our work in. This morning, the girls were watching some of the videos we've taken; every birthday, every party, there was Dave or his voice at least. He's just always been here. And now he's not.

I'm feeling a bit fortunate as I continue to feel I'm growing closer to Carrie and her sister, Kelly. But they're both far away as well...

The Voldinator needs to come see me.

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Special K said...

wow. Those socks are really just exquisite! (I never thought I'd say such a thing about a pair of socks...) Is it terribly hard to make them? It looks so complicated.

Oh, I really feel for you about the friend. ): Bummer.

Kathy said...

It sucks about Dave. Thanks.

Actually no, once you master the basic knit, purl, all it takes to do socks is some courage. I took one class (2 2 hour sessions), bought a good book and found some good web resources. I guess it depends on your particular nature: I'm a learn by trying kind of person and I'm not afraid to just give it a shot.

It feels very accomplished, though, and lots of knitters consider it an advanced skill; I think they flatter themselves. I can hook you up with resources if you're interested. Also, check out my fave knit blogger The Panopticon over in my blogroll; he's a hoot, he lives in Chicago and he loves the same sock designer I do. I'll bet he has suggestions for learning opps; he's very friendly to inquiries and in fact feels quite obligated to increase the number of knitters in the world...

Thanks all the same for the compliment. I love them. I think they're my third pair for myself. I'm about crazed to do a fairly inticately patterned pair of anklets to give to my Florida-dwelling Mom but I'm not sure I could be that generous---giving the way the first of a new item...

Ciao---I hope you're doing well and not taxing yourself coming up with recommendations for my road trip tape mix...!

Melissa said...

hey there! I am sorry you are down. I know it is tough when friends are so far. I feel that pain quite a bit these days. Phone, IM and email are just not the same, but are better then nothing.

love you! and I hope to see you when you get back (if not before!) And I want my pineapple upside down cake!