Friday, July 27, 2007

Vacation Day 3

A lot less happening today; I've been doing lots of "tech support" kinds of stuff for my Dad...not particularly fun. Too much time with a computer not getting any of my own objectives taken care of.

Today started with early morning latte with Dad; at 9 am it was a mere 85 degrees and the humidity wasn't yet quite palpable. That changed quickly; we stopped by Best Buy for a couple of gadgety things and then a return home. The very short walk from the car to the front door had me drenched in sweat. Let me say what I've always objected to regarding life in Florida, express it mathematically to be most succinct:

Respiration = Perspiration
That is, if you breathe, you will also sweat. Because the humidity is so flipping high and it is also hot like Hades, sweat (perspiration for the girls...) simply will not evaporate from your skin because the environment is already so dense with moisture... I do not like Tampa, I do not like Tampa, I do not like Tampa.
Age and Pool-rights
Haley and Anna are mature and good swimmers. They are quite safe in Mom's pool, just outside the family room where we can see and easily hear any trouble. Lindsay is not. That means, sometimes Haley and Anna might be in the pool when Lindsay may not because none of the more mature swimmers wish to:
a. sit out on the deck and sweat like pigs (because they're breathing, see above) to watch more closely; or,
b. get in the pool.
Today was the first of those days. Lindsay was NOT happy. In fact, she stood in a window where she could see the sisters and sang a song that was like this:
"Hawey's my good sissa;
I need her so much.
Hawey's nice sissa
I should be with her
"I need my sissa; I need my sissa;
if its OK, I need my sissa..."
Over and over again.


Melissa said...

Poor Lindsay! It can't be easy being the little one. But I don't blame you! To hot!!! Hope you are having a good time!!!

julie said...

My thoughts on perspiration:
"women don't sweat, we glisten." :)

Glad you and the girls are having fun on vacay!