Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home Again, Home Again


I'm sooooooooo happy to be home. A great vacation in Tampa, yep; but there is just NO place like home. I got my doggies, I got my man, I got my own bed and all is right in the world, at least here in my digs.

The girls are thrilled, too. All of us came home to freshly reorganized bedrooms, our favorite treats and a beautiful bouquet (and balloons!) for each of us in our rooms! How sweet is my husband?

Mary, Kelley and Ryan are here, too and I'm glad of it. Mary drove home with me which was just lovely; we did the drive in two 8-hour days, staying overnight in Florence, SC. Dad and the other two kids did the drive-like-a-maniac version, straight through beginning at 3 AM Thursday morning. By the time I left Tampa on Thursday morning, they were halfway to DC.

It appears Rob entertained them adequately. I think Mike is coming to pick them up sometime this weekend so we have a few more days of family fun before we begin gearing up for a return to school.

Don't want to see summer end; I've enjoyed the girls being with me *so* much. Haley and I had a blast at the Ben Folds/John Mayer concert; I'll post more about the show and the trip soon.

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