Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mostly Knitting...

Whew---there for a little while I was concerned about myself. After having uncanny success tracking down the pattern I needed from a 1991 quarterly rag, I found myself having a lot of trouble getting into knitting my Vogue scallop/cable lace shell. To be exact, I knit the first several repeats, oh about 4 times and ended up ripping all the way back because I just couldn't get comfortable with the pattern. Its not that its terribly difficult, it just requires a lot of counting/re-counting to avoid ending up with more or less stitches at the end of each row.

This kind of thing happens from time to time---the more complicated a stitch pattern it is, the longer it takes to a) learn it; 2: understand how each element of the pattern builds toward the effect of all elements, and; III--- know where you can "make up" for mistakes as you go along. (How many style and punctuation errors did I just throw out into the blogosphere; oh, I love to live fast and dangerous...). For that reason, I'm a good sport about reworking projects at the beginning. This time, though, I really was worried that I'd developed into a knitter that ONLY wants to knit socks.

It was painful, painful, painful. I found myself dreading picking up the sweater. For the first time in MONTHS I went two whole days without picking up any knitting! Crazy, I tell you! Rob was starting to ask me if I knew what day it was, who the President was, all of that.

A nice likeness of actual color...
So it was that as we all settled in this evening to watch a movie, I took not only my dreaded sweater but I also grabbed a lovely skein of sock yarn and my handy Schurch book of sock patterns. Sweater or socks, I was going to knit. I'm so happy to report that things seem to have evened out, I've reached the tipping point and I think this sweater is going to get finished (one day).

The color is a bit "hot" in this photo but I think it gives a better idea of the

richness and sheen.

I still think I've become a person with a strong preference for sock knitting---they are so gratifying, I tell you. First, they're great for nearly mindless work (not always, though), they are extremely portable, they're pretty quick, hand knit socks are a genuine luxe item and you can put them on as you yet, once off the needles, they're finished. No assembly required. And its not just everyone who knits socks, after all. I've never heard anyone say: "oh, I have a friend who makes the most beautiful ones of those you've ever seen; really! you should see hers blah blah blah".

So, of course I've bought more sock yarn (she said sheepishly). I didn't realize until very recently that Socks That Rock can be purchased outside of the annual sock club. Cool. I'll send photos of the two I bought once they arrive. Anyone want a pair of socks? I'm just itching for a good excuse to get out those DPNs.

As the World Turns

The little ones return to school on Monday. Except for Lindsay, thank god for that. I think I'd be completely bereft. She doesn't start pre-school till mid-October or so and I'm not sure I'm going to like that when it happens. I'm going to miss the cheerful, fun and silly daughters and will not miss one iota the whiny, stompy, grousing, messy daughters. I've got to work on that problem---more of one, less of the other (qualities, people; not daughters...).

The weekend has had plenty of "lasts": last nights of essentially no bed-time, last days of pooltime, last long evenings when supper doesn't hit the table till 8:30 so the kids can just play outside to their hearts content, last days of relative disregard for completion of school work. Tomorrow, a final playdate. Since we're expecting temps approaching 110 (again), I've opted for air-conditioned activities: either making summer memory collages (scrap book pages, even) or a movie. Anyone know of any good kid flicks out recently?

Bright Spot

September takes the kids back to school. Not only will that allow me to address some of the horrific mess in my house (truly guys, trying to keep up while there are at LEAST three messmakers in continous motion is just insanity. I think the FBI puts you on watch-lists for that kind of behavior), take on some more involved projects (I'm thinkin' marathon Wii-Elebits-supine-oblique-remote-angle training), AND---its time to plan my first trip to see Dave and Tuomo in early October. I have been missing me some Dave. Will someone PLEASE help me remember to get my damn passport renewal going????


Special K said...

Hmm... can one crotchet socks? I can't knit to save my life (seems like I need another hand). I do like gratification. Would be nice to finish something small fast and put it on.

Kathy said...

i've never heard of crocheting socks but I'm not at the heart of the crochet world; I'll check it out! I'd happily knit you socks but you'll have to reveal personal info... the things I could surmise from your foot dimensions---oy!

dag said...

hi lady, did you seriously ask who would like socks, handknit by toi??? memememememe! - enough excuse to grab the dpns?!