Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sweet little girls

Oh, this was just a lovely reminder that my daughters actually do love one another...Siblings snip for many reasons that have little to do with the affection they have for one another, yes; I know. But still, I like these sweet glimpses of sisters who love each other. Note to new parents: always take a peek in at the kids before you go to bed; they're so sweet when still and quiet.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: Vehicular Accidents
It has been widely reported that eighty percent of all car accidents occur within 3 miles of home. An interesting finding. When Rob tossed that stat at me today, I invited him to engage in an exploration of the biases and other required considerations that might help us interpret it accurately. I invite you also. Rob's answer was good, but, alas; incorrect. I'd love to hear what you guys think. BUT...

Where are all the Bloggers?
umm, is it like a big blog vacation that no one told me about? Are you guys having a big blog block bash without me? Sure there's been the occassional post on Sunbaby and The Backbeat
but a huge dirth of commenting all around. Not to get too specific and make ya'll feel sheepish or anything but its been 10 days since I caught a glimpse of Agoraphopia (and its not because she's been all feverish over at Bookish, either). There have been no Top Five posts since we all saw Lyman with our own damn eyes, Drew has gone from YouTube Tuesday to YouTube Tuesday and Jason has had nothing to say since he clogged up the toilet at work. So maybe its a stretch to keep posting, maybe you all have late summer malaise, but kbmulder, surely there's been something to say since Milo's baptism...? Even if not, you might all mumble some comment or another somewhere so we all know you're out there. Really. its kind of creepy on the internet all alone.
Needlework Documentation
My parents are the happy owners of a great deal of quality needlework done by myself and sisters over the years. Since I never documented most of my work, I took the time in Tampa to do so. One of the best pieces I ever completed was this one:

It was a major pain in the butt to get a photo that approached decent; lighting was challenging, there was a bunch of glare and reflection. My Dad once kind of growled that of all the needlework completed by his daughters, none had been worked especially for him. Tracy made a piece for him thereafter and when he graduated from nursing school in 1994, I did this piece for him. My Dad is a man who loves to count things, especially birds (money and degrees farenheit on his thermostat) outside his kitchen window, so this seemed like the right piece for him (the verse reads: Into this sunny garden, with seeds and blossoms fair, come birds of a feather, to gather just their share). It was worked on 32-count linen (cream?) with cotton floss (two strands). The centers of the sunflowers are blocks of alternating orientation satin stitch to give the seed-like texture---way cool! I have no recollection of the designer but I definitely have the chart somewhere. For me, the appeal of this sampler, as well as very many antique and antique-like samplers, is the complete disregard for proportion. I love the roof-high sunflowers. For the last several years of my needlework fascination I focussed a lot of my attention on collecting particular motifs that I liked, intent on building my own sampler and scaling as I wished. I'll do that someday but I'm still waiting for a good software solution to help. For those interested or bored, I'm going to post an album over in the sidebar with all the needlework at my parents' house and I'll update eventually with work currently hanging in other homes.


Drew said...

Last week, I was at an educational seminar from Wed to Fri in Chicago which meant that we spent the weekend at Julie's parent's house. Not as much access to the internet. I have posted twice this week and plan to do at least one more, maybe two. Just trying to do my part to ease your blogosphere loneliness.

Special K said...

For my part, I've been sick the last couple weeks with the flu and then a dern ear infection, so I've been doing nothing but laying on the couch watching daytime tv. But! I'm on the rebound and even updated my much ignored book blog!

Cute sampler - I've been wanting to make one that says "F*ck You" and hang it in my kitchen. I just think that's so hilarious. Are there programs, then, where you can design your own? Tell me more!

Kathy said...

thank you for you kind consideration, Drew. I'll mark your absence as excused but next time I'd like a note from your mother, OK?

Kathy said...

Yes, Special K, there are programs for designing samplers. I think we should collaborate. Don't you think we need flower/vine draped Olde English letters for it?

Sorry you've been ill. I did see you'd posted twice in just 24 hours --- the only 24 I hadn't checked in before making snarky remarks. Still, its fun to have comments on my blog again!

I'm reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics; I keep meaning to put that in a post. It is FABULOUS---just like you said!

Melissa said...

I posted updates last night too! But I have deffinately been behind in my blogging.

Although I can't knit and have no idea what you are talking about half the time, I do love to see your completed work!

Special K said...

Oh, yes, wonderful idea to collaborate! I'll see what I can find and send you an email.

Let's talk after you finish Special Topics! I LOVED that book. Been meaning to read it again...