Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yielding to the Senator from Idaho....

I don't know, guys. These people just keep getting it wrong. Mr. Senator says, "I'm not gay"---really? When you've been arrested for soliciting man-sex in an airport restroom and charged with lewd conduct, the most pressing message you distribute is you're not gay? And do you really think anyone is going to believe you? 'Cuz you kinda' like copped to it when you were arrested... and, just to make sure I undertand, do you mean to imply that it might be OK to solicit sex in a public restroom but being gay would be just waaaay too much?
Hey---lets make an analogy: imagine a pedophile at arraignment saying---"I'm not gay!". (Point of order, Your Honor; the defendant has not answered the question.)

Woo-hoo! Good for you, Mr. Senator! Better for your wife! Now there's this small matter of exactly what it was you were communicating with that guy behind the closed bathroom door...

I don't care if you're gay (any of you for that matter). I don't care if you find it exciting to have intimate relations with people you don't know and will never see again. I don't care if you disrespect yourself and other involved parties that way. Senator Craig is guilty of colossal bad judgement and of dishonesty. I suspect he is also guilty of lying and utilizing public resources as he attempts to confuse what actually did happen. Oh wait...something is sounding familiar---oh, god, what could it be? A politico in hot water over improper intimate relatio...ooh---something like Lou, Lai, Lew---that's it! Monica Lewinsky! Bill Clinton! Maybe I'm wrong about that, though---Mr. Clinton never denied being straight.

Time for a list:

Don't Care:

Inappropriate public behavior (oh, understatement...)
Apparent attempt to use his "position" to influence proceedings
Lack of self-control

Alright. Now that I've got that straightened out, happier things:

Crazy Go Nuts (CGN)
Remember Billy Crystal doing Fernando Lamas on SNL? I'm forever marked by his "remember, darling: it is better to look good than to feel good!" But more recently, we've adopted his crazy-go-nuts to describe much of the insanity of a household like ours. In fact, we use it so much, there is shorthand -- CGN. I went looking for a YouTube clip but couldn't find it. The one below has a bunch of edited SNL clips from the same period that were funny, so just for you, I'll include it anyway...

With school and soccer starting, we really need a way to keep up with who-should-be-doing-what-when-where. The girls have responsibilities before and after school and some extra-special Saturday morning chores just because we like to celebrate... rotating those responsibilities and all of the activity gets pretty CGN so it seemed an organizational aid was in order.

This was a terribly fun project. I love the opportunities to play with color afforded by paper crafting---so easy, so many choices in the craft store, such near-instant gratification:

I printed the calendar with our monthly data and attached it to the poster board with transparent photo corners so it can be easily changed out. The two lists above it are two sets of chores that alternate by week (indicated on calendar...clever..) and are also held in place with photo corners. Since its all pretty low cost stuff, there's no need to make sure you're going to love it forever; just make a new one when you're over it, it gets dirty or your needs change. I love it and so do the girls; even Rob. Oh! The poster board is attached to the fridge by that handy magnetic tape stuff on back.

Having such fun, and really appreciating the more-organized look of the fridge, I decided to see what I might do for the photos we display there. I'm not as happy with how this one turned out but I learned some things that will help when I do the next. I used my Xyron machine and ribbon to to give the look of one of those cool fabric bulletin boards; that worked really well except that I'm always verklempt about incongruent slope; letting that go, this part of the project went well. I had intended to use the same ribbons to hold pictures in place by magnetizing the ribbons, again with my handy Xyron (love it! go buy one!). Unfortunately, the magnet material is pretty light and didn't have enough attraction to hold through the poster board. Oh well. I put some stickers on the board just for some interest in spaces where there may not be pictures. I resolved the ribbon magnet issue by, yes, using my Xyron to create sticky paper circles to cover little 3/4" magnets -- color coordinated, of course. Its not what I imagined and I shall not abandon my original idea entirely but for now, I'm pleased with this.


Special K said...

I can't get enough of this Craig news because the guy's such a gd hypocrite (and racist!) I frequently think back to the innocent days of the Clinton/Lew. thing during the Bush Reign - at the time I was very angry about it and thought Clinton should be impeached - now, in comparison to what's happening today, it just makes me laugh. I love that bumper sticker "When Clinton Lied, nobody Died."

Check out this ridic bit of reporting (and even more ridic shoes!):

Kathy said...

It IS ridiculous reporting! I love it! And those shoes should just never be worn ... period. The wearer of those shoes would NEVER be approached for relations..! I have to admit, what I really want to know is what was the nature of the solicitation...isn't that so gross of me? But seriously, some things are ambiguous and others not---I'd like to know. I *have* heard that those privvy (this situation is just full of opportunities for unintentional puns...) to the police report of the account pretty much rule out the ambiguity angle. And that it likely was NOT a random event that Mr. Senator ended up in the same bathroom as that cop given his routine of commuting...

I typically eschew this kind of coverage but for once, I'm all up in to it---the distinguishing factor for me being that he is just behaving like an idiot. We should get a head start on writing the personal ad he'll need to run on CraigsList to find "love" once his wife leaves him and he's pressured out of the Senate....