Friday, September 28, 2007

Better photos

I couldn't stand the photo of the sock; it was such an injustice to the lovely little sock. Here is a better one:

Only about 10 more rows of the detail and then this will be fast to finish. Of course, there's the second sock dilemma....

Daniel's Cardigan

is really going to be handsome. This is the back, just about ready for armhole shaping. It's to be a fairly deep v-neck, raglan sleeve, full front-zip cardi. The sleeves will be blue with creamish colored "varsity" stripes on one sleeve. It will be very very nice for the young man. I'll find some kind of cool zipper pull for it.

And then I need to get cooking; all my girls need new cardigans, too. Thank gosh they're small and uncomplicated!

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