Saturday, September 8, 2007

Excitement Brewing

I finally got my act together and purchased my ticket to visit Dave in Vancouver. I am VERY excited and I can't wait to see my buddy, have some fun. I'll bet they have tons of good knit shops in Vancouver, don't you? Anyway, I'm planning to be there from October 4 to October 11---what a major treat; a whole week away in a beautiful place. I wish Rob were coming along but since he can't, I'll learn to live with it.

Music for Kathy
Live music, good music, oh yeah, can't WAIT for the music! Next Friday, as part of the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival 2007, I get to see the Roy Hargrove Quintet AND the Danilo Perez Trio on the same stage. I recently found Danilo Perez on iLike and I've been enjoying them a lot. I'm looking forward to this show. Can NOT wait to check out Hargrove live.

Next up, I've got a couple of tickets to see Jeff "Tain" Watts Quartet at Blues Alley shortly after I return from Vancouver. Mr. Watts has a great resume and Christian McBride is featured in his Quartet so this should be another really exciting night of live music.

So that's all; I just wanted to gloat about all the upcoming excitement! OH! Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow for a week's visit or so; we're going to check out some museums (I'm hoping Mom will not mind if I drag her to the Renwick and Corcoran---its the least she could do if I'm taking her to the National Gallery of Art which is really *not* my favorite art museum... Dad and I will hit the Smithsonian's new Air and Space facility at Dulles; its supposed to be fabulous. Andwhile we're down that way, we'll probably check out the new Air Force Memorial; the design has been criticized widely but the photos I've seen, and especially the view you have on skyline appears just really beautiful and completely appropriate...
I actually think its quite inspired. I hope we'll also cruise by the new-ish World War II Memorial as it is really a beautiful piece; I think it adds so much to the National Mall and I love its Classic design. Over the years, I've become a major fan of the memorials and the newer ones in particular I think have done a great job of capturing more of the person, event, or organization being honored. Viet Nam is breathtakingly powerful, just really couldn't be any better in my opinion; the Korean War Memorial is startlingly evocative and for my money, there is simply no other memorial more fitting than the Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I could visit it every week and never grow tired of it.

I'm embarassed sometimes, that so many of our nation's beautiful treasures all are sitting right in my backyard---as big as this country is it seems to me we should spread some of these things out in other places. But as long as they're here, I will continue to admire them and encourage those of you who haven't taken the time to do so, please plan--this is an amazing place.


Lyman said...

I didn't know you were getting in to Danilo. He is one of my absolute favorites. I drove him around when I was at Western and he came to give a concert with his trios. One of the most amazing displays of piano I've ever seen live. His record "PanaMonk" is one of my all-time favorites but none of his other CDs capture his fire very well.

And you might want to check and make sure that Christian is coming with 'Tain'. I recall reading that they were doing the CD Release shows without him, I'm not sure if he'll be doing much touring with the group. There's nothing on his website right now.

Kathy said...

PanaMonk is indeed the recording that made me Danilo-crazy. How cool is that--you driving him around Kalamazoo!

You're right; I've been digging around for info re:Christian playing on the gig; I haven't been able to find anything that says not but its probably revealing that the act is billed as his "quartet" and not the Ebonix. While it would be great to see them together, its going to be a good night anyway. Its at Blues Alley in Georgetown so there will be plenty of fun before/after show and I'm going with a drummer friend from my HS band days.

Speaking of fiery piano chops, did I mention how extremely cool it is to see Ben Folds play live?

Special K said...

One of my fave exhibits on the mall is the Julia Child kitchen in the (I think) American Smith. Have you seen it? Also, you probably know this, but my DC friend gave us the inside scoop that the American Indian museum has the best food court on the mall - it's REALLY good! I agree, the National Gallery is something of a National Embarrassment, I think some of the best art is in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden...