Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The luckiest duck...

is me! You know how some people just never seem to have the life they want? Not me; I'm pretty clear about how wonderful my life has been so far, how wonderful the people who love me are, and the great many luxuries I enjoy every single day.

Lucky, lucky me. Today, Rob was offered the opportunity to purchase a desktop pc that was up for replacement from his employer. For $50, we picked up a Dell Optiplex, 40 gig hard drive, pentium 4, 512 meg RAM, with smallish flat panel monitor. Gadget girl that I am, this pc is to be designated my "craft computer". Yep. In the library/mudroom/craft room that is now *officially* my domain entirely, I will have a pc to support my crafting. Since last week I was the fortunate recipient of a Xyron Wishblade , which cuts virtually any design from most materials but requires the support of a pc, this is going to be a major help.

I'm swooning.

Currently my "home office" desk top has on it: my massive Dell XPS tower, two external hard drives, assorted peripherals of small-ish size, telephone, router, broadband modem and assorted audio devices for music editing NOT TO MENTION the random photos, childrens' drawings, household bills, correspondence and too many tchatchkes, there was just no way the Wishblade could be managed in that space. I might move all my photo work into the craft room as well since I'll be doing my scrapbooking stuff there.

So if I go missing, if someone needs to have a splinter removed, a skinned knee cleaned up just poke your head in the first door on the left (or right; depends on where you start from).

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