Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

or, doing my part...

Its time to be serious about getting green. I've been somewhat green forever but I am a tremendous consumer of electronics and these things are a major disposal problem. Given that the technology spectrum is ever expanding and I like to ride the crest of those waves, it seems there's always a pile of gadgets to be moved out of our house.

The problem is that once I don't want something, I don't really know of many people around here who DO want the remains. W orse, many of these things are large and/or unwieldy making it impossible to share with folks you know who don't live nearby or make other choices.... enter Freecycle . Voldie clued me in to this "network" and I'm really grateful. Essentially, if you have something you want to get rid of or something you'd like to have, you can post that fact in region-specific forums and see what happens.

Last night I posted an offer to freecycle a 27" CRT television, a Pentium III/Windows 98 pc, an upright vacuum cleaner and went to bed. When I awoke this morning, I had found homes for all of them. I love that! No longer taking up space in my house, not trashed in a landfill, helping someone all in one simple action.

Rob's Birthday Approacheth
My schmoopie's bday is right around the corner. His request was for a sitting room where he might read at night just before bed when I'm already asleep in our room. We do have a sitting room just off our bedroom that is exactly what he needs but it has been the "computer room" for years. With my moving much of my computing to my newly feathered craft room, we're in the process of returning that space it to its intended use. So with the discarded computing equipment no longer taking up space, we've hung nice curtains for him, liberated an easy chair from its former function of holding piles of my laundry... a lamp, a few more touches and Rob has a little sitting room for himself. I'm quite pleased for both of us. I have just one more set of curtain rods and curtains to hang on the french doors seperating the rooms and its nearly finished. Just in time for the boy's birthday on Saturday.

They said it would never happen
But they were wrong, oh yes they were. We are having our foyer painted at Looooong last. Its way huge, like 2.5 stories or something, something we never could do ourselves but the price of outside help always scared us away. Tomorrow we confront our fears and the foyer will not only be free of purple sharpie drawings, handprints and god knows what else but also colored a beautiful Duron "macadamia nut" shade. I can't wait!

Other little maintenance things underway, too; some exterior trim being scraped and painted, siding pressure washed, decks sealed. Its looking good around here!

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