Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Knitting

It is finally autumn here and I know that not only because I'm no longer Drippy McSweaty Pants but also because I have my annual two week-long migraine caused by the big atmospheric changes that give us the cool days and crisp nights.

I'm not one of the knitters who put it all down for the summer, no, I knit always--BUT I do knit MORE in the cooler weather. So here are some updates:

Traveler's Stocking
I haven't actually knit on this since I returned from visiting Dave but I also haven't posted a progress photo. Arent' they lovely?

Daniel's Varsity Sweater
is going very very well except I keep running out of yarn...doh! I'm now about 50% finished, having completed the back and one sleeve. I'm nearly out of the blue yarn so I'll go ahead and do the front panels as the second skeins of the green yarn has been received. I've decided to make two stipes of green in just one of the blue sleeves. I *might* even get really brave and attempt to knit a great big D in one of the front panels in blue to give it a real "letter sweater" kind of vibe. That would be cute and prolly not too hard. What do you think?


Special K said...

wow - those are both gorgeous! Love the yarn! Looks like buttah.

Kathy said...

Thanks! I'm really loving how the cardigan is looking; the yarn is amazingly lovely for cotton (its 80/20 pima cotton/merino wool). Its a great yarn--Cascade Sierra and costs less than 8 bucks for a 400 yard skein; machine washable, baby! More color choices than you can shake a knitting needle at!