Sunday, November 25, 2007

About the Holiday here...

I'm especially pleased that myself and my three daughters had spankin' new, coordinated, custom-made aprons for our kitchen adventures. You might have seen the photos below.... I actually began those aprons for the first Thanksgiving that Beth and her family spent here---unfortunately I didn't have time to finish them and in the intervening 7 or 8 years, the apron-making fairies have not appeared to complete the work. So these aprons that were intended for myself, Beth, nieces and a super tiny one for Haley were completed for me and three of my daughters. The neck straps are adjustable and the waist ties are quite long so the girls will be able to wear them for many holidays to come. I wish they had more contrast so I think sometime in the future I'll find a way to glam them up a bit---maybe with pockets or something.

It was a great day here, lots of the usual holiday noise (football, new movies), time in the kitchen, knitting time and the meal was great. Especially the gravy this year---it turned out great. But nothing, oh nothing, comes close to the joy that was my pecan pie. For the last three years I've used the recipe from Cook's Illustrated The Best Recipe and this year everything really came together---its always been good but this year it was GREAT---no soggy pie crust, perfectly semi-solid filling, delightfully glazed, crisp nuts. Complete slices sat nicely on plates right beside really yummy sweetened whipped cream and oh my...why did I even bother with the turkey???

Anna was most helpful with snapping of green beans and quality control on the cheese balls. Haley was in charge of the rolls and did a smashing job. Its nice to have little helpers. And sweet Anna---after she'd finished helping me she asked if I'd mind if she went to see if her Nana needed help with her contributions downstairs---what a pumpkin.

So for those of you who might have been present but weren't, we missed you, we thought of you and we said thanks for you. And you missed a great day, a great meal and a great deal of fun. We love you still.

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