Monday, January 21, 2008

Breathe Deeply...

Gawd---I can't deal with it. I'm so excited about things knitty and I don't have enough hands to knit all the things I want to

What's this all about?
Well, I don't know! I was browsing Ravelry, looking for some insight on my Henley (which I have solved and its going just fine now, thanks). I saw these Fair Isle mittens and I thought--"wow, good thing I never really wanted to do Fair Isle 'cuz these look really challenging." And it progressed to, "oh my gosh how am I going to learn how to do because I MUST have those mittens. Now. Because its very cold out and why should I wear any of the gloves I already own?

So while I was looking around Ravelry, I decided to check in on the list of obligations I've comitted myself to vis a vis volunteer editing. I was happy to see lots of listings for a book I recently acquired, Vogue's Ultimate Book of Socks (which is a really great book, by the way) so I decided to just jump in and clear some of that list.

Which is why I'm now knitting the cutest little pair of footies (though Vogue calls them sockies--too cute (gag)) in Lana Grossa Millenweit in the pink/coral scheme. They are Cuuuute! I should be able to finish them in the next hour or so.

So again this morning, checking in at Ravelry to see if my fellow chicks with sticks are going to make the stitch-n-bitch (they're not), I see what is so breathtaking:

Rockin' Sock Club 2008
Rockin' Sock Club. Uh-huh. Last year you couldn't scalp a spot in this club and this year, this year my sweet husbone remembered my distress and suprised ME with a pre-paid membership. The deal is that Blue Moon Fiber Arts (producers of Socks that Rock yarn) runs a fairly small operation, hand-dying lovely sock offerings. Six times a year, they send members a club exclusive plus a pattern and folks' knit and kvetch over their projects through a web interface---open to the public of course so all the folks' who didn't get in can be hellajealous. The big news today is: the first package is being shipped this week. Oh my. Can not wait.

So right now I've got the Henley to wrap up, my so-called-scarf and the footies. I have promised several people socks (hey, yours might rock, ya know?) and I have to finish up Lolly's hoodie and get Haley's worked up ASAP. I'll have to cast on my rockin' socks as soon as they get here, natch.

Who the hell is going to clean this house?

I love playlists, the iPod version of mix tapes/cds very much. I've grown tired of the ones I have. This morning I spent a good chunk of time trolling through iTunes' "Essential Mixes" for possibilities. I find its a pretty good way to spark ideas---I find things that sound good that I may or may not have, drop all of those in a spreadsheet that I'll work my way through to organize and determine what needs to be bought, etc and there ya go...playlist. But please--if you ever have a great mix you're really feeling, let me know!

Don't you wish you were me?

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