Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Over

Long past time to take down the holiday trimmings. With a big house (lots to be trimmed) and busy kids, its really not scandalous that I've not yet returned our home to its year-round decor. I've been pretty stubborn about getting it done because I kind of feel like my holiday was stolen a bit by the drama in Christmas happened and I didn't get to have fun. Poor me.

So today I've negotiated a little plan: undecorate the tree a bit here and there, spend 15 minutes at some point to switch out mantle embellishments, untie the bows adorning every railing and finnial.

I like it. We were in a big hurry to get the decorations up in advance of Mullen Movie Night so I didn't get to spend my usual evening of glee as each ornament came out of the box and was placed on the tree. Today I've been doing that. With 13 Christmases together now, Rob and I have finally gone beyond the need to 'fill in' the tree with generic red and gold balls; we have more than a tree full of really treasured ornaments. Before this were so, I never imagined how much joy such a thing could bring to the holiday but my tree is now one of my most favorite holiday traditions.

Ornaments from Mary Walker's tree, ornaments given as tribute to Mary Walker, angels crocheted by Beth, ornaments made at Mullen Movie Nights Past, the Russian-themed Santa and reindeer bought at Rockefeller Center the first year we were married, Belleek snowmen bought on our honeymoon, ornaments welcoming new babies, circus animals representing our cast of friends.... our tree does such a fine job of celebrating our happy life. I didn't know that's what we were


Anonymous said...

My tree just went to the garage on Sunday. I know where you are coming from. I had a hard time getting things decorated for Christmas but after the tree was up I was full filled. When I took the ornaments off I oooh and ahhhed over each one and remembered who gave it to me and why I loved it so. Since Lyman received all of his ornaments and a good amount of Mary Walker ornaments my tree is now all me. Santa and the Mrs, elves, reindeer all glittering with white lights. So long holidays, hello my 60th year. LYFE Milo's Nona

Kathy said...

I think we should raise some major hell in honor of your 60th bday. What shall we get into?