Friday, February 8, 2008

Movies, Magazines and Motrin: Day 10

Patient 0 was a tough kid yesterday and made it through not only an entire school day but play rehearsal as well. I also ventured out for some moderate activity. Today we pay; both of us are having a restful day at home with the rest of our family who are still sick.

All this lying about has provided some excellent opportunities, though. I re-watched a favorite indie flick, "Trees Lounge". Written, directed and starring Steve Buscemi, its a reflection on the way Buscemi suspects his life might have gone had he not left his hometown to try to be ... anything else. I think I watched this when it was first released on DVD (1997?) so rewatching it last night, I was very surprised to recognize an amazing cast of folks who have become familiar, some beloved, in the meantime. If you haven't seen this movie, what ARE you waiting for?

I also watched "Once" again. I'm telling you, this movie is *really* something. It is so genuine--I have a hard time believing these characters aren't real people. And the soundtrack is so haunting. I find it to be quite rare that a movie stays with me for so long but really; besides being a great story with some funny moments every single thing about this movie is done very well.

On Rob's last foray for food and fluids for sick people before he became the sick guy, he bought me a pile of magazines. I've got to tell you, this is one of the things that I find relentlessly endearing about my adorable husband. How to explain it? To have a pile of brand new, glossy-photo-full magazines is just the ultimate indulgence to me. I had People (what a waste Heath Ledger's death is), Vanity Fair (Shia LaBeouf has really grown up!), New Yorker (yay!), Atlantic. On top of all that, my spring issue of Interweave Knits and Cook's Illustrated all arrived in the mail. If these kids would just get healthy, I'd kick 'em all out and spend a heavenly day in bed with new tunes and slick mags....hey! Maybe I'll send 'em down to their Grandma's for a while; I think she's feeling a bit better today. Woo hoo!


KreativeMix said...

LOL!! send them out and read the glossies...... i'm reading mine right now, while watching pretty woman on television...... :-)

Kathy said...

Isn't it just the BEST indulgence???