Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suburban Sunday

The kids and their Dad are off to the mega-playground to enjoy a bit of sunshine and warmer temps. That leaves a quiet house with me in charge of the television---wtf am I doing online???

OK, back now after watching an odd documentary (Crazy Love). What some people will accept as love is, well, crazy.

Yeah, the League Cup, baby. Woo Hoo! Ya'll know this is a Hotspur household. It was tense going and seemed no amount of song-singing or hand wringing could break the tension around here. Since so few of us follow the nuances of Premier League football, I decided to interview the greatest American fan of the 'Spur, you know, to elevate our understanding of the game, its near-universal appeal everywhere other than the US...:

me: what's the best part of being a Premier League fan?

gaf's: the songs. Definitely the club songs. Its such a drunken tradition...

me: well, what about the 'spur, specifically? what do you like best about them?
gaf's: they used to sing this song, "I love Martin Jol [club manager], and Martin Jol loves me!"
me: I'm sorry, who is Martin Jol and why is he so well loved?

gaf's: well, he used to be the team manager.... but he got fired.

me: ? So someone didn't love him....

me: so now that there's a new coach?

gaf's: well, there's this song they started singing once they secured their seat in the League Cup play---"que sera, sera; we're goin' to Wem-buh-ley"

me: so what else can we share with our readers about the joys of Premier League soccer and the Hotspur?

gaf's: don't get discouraged early; the language thing is challenging because all the songs are in English but hang in'll be a fan in no time....
Well, the knitting bullfrogs were a huge success. About half the group has real aptitude and the remaining kids knit like me; its going to take them a while. I was EXHAUSTED after just a bit over an hour with them. Worse, only half the registered students were there and I just had a bunch of kids added so I think its going to be really crazy for a while. But fun; really fun!
My Art Walk Feb socks are really going fast; sock one is finished, sock two is probably about 1/3 finished. Good news: I figured out why my lace wasn't developing as it should (which will likely spill over to my Henley). Bad news: discovered it at beginning of sock two which means they won't exactly match. I might re-knit one after I complete this one or I may keep it as a tribute to the learning process.... for your delight, then....
Its quite possible I might even knit a pair of socks from my stash before the March offerings from both clubs arrive. <giggles with delight....>


Rob said...

OK, I've avoided reading this blog out of fear that you would tell stuff about me. It hadn't occurred to me until your (apparently not idle) threats this weekend that you'd just start making s*** up.

For your corrections page (which I'm sure must be quite lengthy):

It was the Carling Cup, not the League Cup.

They can be referred to as Hotspur, or Spurs, but "the 'Spur"? Um, no.

OK, I lived in the damn country (twice) so I can in fact understand them. You try translating the lyrics of 40,000 alcohol-enhanced people in a football stadium.

Do you remember our former co-worker in Tallahassee who was convinced that the Florida State football fans were chanting Darn It, Noles, instead of Garnet/Gold?

What does "gaf's" mean?

Please note that the next person you'll be hearing from will be my attorney (or my stylist).

Kathy said...

Gosh, Rob; you sound... misrepresented and rightfully annoyed. I wish I hadn't had to stoop to making up the interview but you know, all the major newspapers do it. Corrections are buried deep in the paper and I'm sure you can dig through and find them. But you've done a nice job here with this one so I won't need to.

By the way, we cuss here; no need to use those damned asterisks! Thanks for stopping on by; I hardly ever say much about you except how terrific you are. Schmoopie.