Sunday, February 3, 2008

We're Sick

We've had our share of amazing sequences of illness around here but NOTHING like this; never. With the exception Rob (who is actually beginning to feel badly but denies it) every single human in this house is outrageously ill. Extremely high fevers, upper respiratory infection including the most awful chest racking coughs, sore throats (nice combo) and get this: achy bones---yeah---our bones are aching from our immune system's efforts to crank out more white blood cells to fight infection. And headaches. Little Mullen girls all have the pinkest febrile cheeks and glassy eyes. I haven't actually seen the MIL but I've talked to her and she's really under the weather, too.

Lesson learned: this is the first year in many that we've not gotten our flu shots. We won't miss it next year... I wish I had one of these signs to put on our front door. Shoulda' lifted one from work before I quit.

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Special K said...

Oh no! Sorry you're all under the weather! Hope everyone's back on top soon...