Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Passel of Pedal Projects (RSC Spoiler)

Spring Break is here and me and the girls have been enjoying our time together with silliness and projects. Haley and Anna are both really enjoying learning some crafting skills so in addition to knitting, we've been learning to handsew a bit and they've helped me with some of the geometry calculations for the bathroom window coverings I'm putting together. Plenty of cooking, too; Haley has made pancakes and really seems to have a knack for cooking. These are very fun things for a Mommy; since I've got to do this stuff anyway, its kind of fun to have some students.

But knitting; I've been knitting so much I've actually had to sleep with a brace on my arms a couple of nights after being awakened with achey wrists and fingers from so much stitching. I tried wearing the brace during the day but surprise.... it makes it impossible to knit so I'm not doing that yet.

Here we go. Since last post, I've completed the Rosie Hedera socks (which are to be mine) using Art Walk Sock Club's March offering Discarded Roses and Cookie A.'s pattern. They are lovely:

Hedera is a very stretchy pattern and I should have been prepared: this yarn is not very elastic so the socks are miserably droopy. They'll be just about impossible to wear out but that's OK; they match many of my favorite jammies... and its nice to have an unencumbered view of my work, too!

Next up, in what is surely a knit-speed record for yours truly, I began and finished a pair of anklets for my Mom in this last week:

The yarn is Sublime (and is it ever!); fiber content is 70/20/10 merino/silk/cashmere. This is dreamy stuff to knit with but ohmygoodness---you can't imagine how sweetly soft they are after washing. I made a pair of these socks for myself over the summer and remembered finding it a really pleasant pattern; interesting but learn-able so you're not always tied to the chart. I enjoyed it even more this time. Its a great sock. For Mom, I made these fairly short, just three pattern repeats for an anklet; I suspect she'll only wear them around the house... When I have more control over the project on my needles, I'm going to make myself another pair.

Finally, as soon as I wrap up this post, I'm off to begin Rockin' Sock Club's March offering: the colorway is "Lucky" and the pattern is called Leafing; it looks beatiful and uses one of Cat Bordhi's"new" sock architectures and I've been meaning to get busy with her stuff, so it should be a really fun knit. Here's the yarn:

Lovely, no?

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