Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is not difficult:
1. Governor breaks law.
2. Governor is caught.
3. Governor either resigns or is removed from office for breach of oath and obligation of office.
4. Governor is subjected to legal prosecution.
5. Governor handles his personal relationships privately.

End of story. ENOUGH ALREADY.


Special K said...

Last night Jon Stewart called it something like "the ritual apology" - what I hate is how these guys always end up dragging their wives out to stand next to them, when you know she wants to absolutely kill him.

He did finally resign after you wrote your post (I think it was your post that did it!) (:

Melissa said...

It seems number 6 is "blame the prostitute".

Local news keeps calling her the girl that cost him his job and reputation. Umm, no. He made that happen all by himself.

Kathy said...

ohhhh---see, I only get my news from Jon Stewart so I missed that! Thanks!