Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Skittering About....

Ah, my friends, these are the glory days of the mid-Atlantic region. Spring is upon us, birds rejoice and flowering trees abound, all kinds of green and pretty things pushing up from the ground. Looking down my street from my front yard I can see poofy clouds of Bradford pears, cherry trees of all varieties, daffodils, crocus. Its like a damn orgy of flora. Red buds, forsythia, even my roses are leafing up, my lillies-of-the-valley, Jane magnolia---they're all working it out and pumping up the party (as little Lolly is fond of singing these days).

Tuesday Night Television
Dolly Parton is a frightening cartoon figure of herself and a poor "mentor" for the Idol contestants this week. I mean, really, did you see her lips? Totally Tim Burton-ish. It was a painful hour to sit through and it couldn't have been random that they only really good performance of the night was the last one: Aussie Michael Johns killed that bar pickup song and I could nearly smell the beer soaked wooden floors. Hot, I thought. There was a definite Lyle Lovett thing about his voice and I'm all about that...

So here's one thing that drives me crazy about Idol: damn Paula and her objectification. She says nothing of value EVER and she's completely obnoxious with Simon. I cringe every time her critique is centered around how lovely someone or someone's body part is. And then this week, Dolly Parton was doing it, too, including the very condescending remarks about Ramiele being small. And in an Idol first for me, I really thought Simon went too far with his "you really should have a word with whomever is dressing you these days". That was just mean.

Kid Stuff
I hate the Disney channel and I may even grow to hate the whole Disney family. Treacly sweet and manufactured hip---oh it makes me want to hurl. BUT---they have added some installments of Dan Zanes music clips. Parents everywhere take note: you're going to listen to a lot of crappy music you will want to slit your wrists over. Do yourself (and your kids) a favor and slip his Catch This Train cd into the the little darlings' collection. Serious family fun. Serious. Really. Check this:

Just seeing his hair makes me feel happy! For people who might have had their ears to the ground a couple of decades ago, Zanes was the leader of the Del Fuegos . Were I musician today not getting the kind of gigs I'd hoped, I think I'd set about building a career in kids' music. I think if you're even moderately good and a bit of fun, its easy money. Because parents are desperate for something decent to share with the kiddles. Ask me how I know. I am one kid music mutha.... for your pleasure, try this:

...Spring is in the air, and there's music everywhere

Dan Zanes and Friends -- Let's Shake
(Catch That Train)

Spring + Kids = Bicycles. No longer does my household include even a single tricycle rider (anyone need a cute little pink number?). I have two kids riding without training wheels. Bring on the bandaids and helmets!

Spring Clean
I don't know what the biological connection is but this spring cleaning thing is more than a time-honored ritual. I just have this urge to purge closets and shelves, scrub everything down, air everything out. Going as earth friendly as possible, too; I've made a couple of my own cleaners in addition to the laundry detergent Special K hipped me to. If you haven't already checked it out, I can vouch for it. Great stuff, nice clean smell, easy and cheap. My kids totally loved helping me mix it up, too!

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Special K said...

Yeah, Paula drives me nuts too with those "Your hair looks great" comments - I mean, is it a singing contest or not? I wish they'd dump her and Randy and get some real experts in there.

I'm glad you like the laundry soap - I had a feeling it would probably make a good kid activity!