Thursday, April 10, 2008

There They Go...

Today was the last meeting of the year for my knitting club (insert sad emoticon).

11 kids, 5 hours of really bumbling instruction and every single one of them can:
1. Cast on
2. Knit
3. Purl
4. Cast off
5. Enjoy the artistic AND social opportunities of the craft.

I learned a lot, too. For example, no matter how well a student is knitting while you are watching them, as soon as you move on to another student, that first student is going to have a crisis. Structure. Divide and conquer. Try to never be outnumbered. BRING SNACKS. Lots of snacks. Oh, and nothing invites requests for help like the teacher being completely overwhelmed with other students' needs. Also---there's a reason why the squeaky wheel gets the grease---god knows you're not going to be able to do anything else with all that squeaking going on.

Finally, the teacher's kid never gets as much attention in the classroom but they make up for it at home. I hope.

And in photography lessons learned, the very best way to determine that your lens is filthy is to take a single photo of a fleeting moment. I loved every minute of this club as well as the two hour naps I took after every single one. Next year I'm getting more help from established knitters!

Most flattering: my only boy knitter asked me to "friend" him on MySpace and wrote down my email. He is the sweetest, cutest boy---he nearly knocked me over with his parting hug...
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