Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

Just curious.

Winner: Picture of the Weekend

Home again, home again
I love an enthusiastic reception and that's just what I got---children dashing out of the house to hug and help with bags, 5 to 10 minutes of canine welcome and that special Robert of mine. As much as I wish I could be with my Indy people a lot more, I was so glad to be home with my family. They're so cute!

Ain't nuthin' like a cousin I had a FABULOUS time in Indianapolis! Cousins Donna and Carol are too much fun and then there's always their entourage of friends who never fail to amuse (or harass, apparently). Its been a LONG time since I had so much cause to laugh in such a short spell.

Donna is too young to be 60. That doesn't mean she wasn't put through the ridicule business, though. Both parties were spectacular and I was thrilled to be included in the Rude Bitch Card Club's luau which was completely over the top and too much fun. Great food, great chi-chis, EUCHRE! I didn't embarrass myself at the card table unless you count Lana's late evening (subtext: too many chi-chis) fascination with a particular part of my anatomy that was discernible below my neck and above the card table.... apparently I was supposed to leave my boobs at home or something. I love Lana. And I'm glad she thinks my hooters are so spectacular. The line forms on the right, babe.

I met a handful of KidCousins for the first time---NK's kids are just adorable and soooo sweet. I was appreciative that the older of these boy cousins (10 years) offered to "take it easy on me" playing tether ball. Unfortunately, EK's wife didn't need to be handled so delicately and said boy cousin was a wee bit surprised. I swear a took more pictures of the kids but I dunno where they went---a theme for the weekend: where's my stuff? I can't find my stuff!

Surprise of the weekend was a special guest: Lyman pulled off a major surprise, making an already fabulous weekend even better. Big news on him? He just made an endorsement deal with Dean Guitars . He was in possession of one of their two courtesy electric basses and there just happened to be an amp at EK's house---so Lym got to sing for his supper and it was much fun although I don't think Donna and Carol were that hip on the Rush track that was cranked up for a bit.

News of the weekend: somebody's pregnant. When you gonna tell us all about it?

Movies, anyone? someone recommended we go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall and they were dead-on: that is one HILARIOUS (if ribald...) movie. The four of us laughed until I did actually have tears rolling down my face at one point.

Best lines of the weekend:

"Timmay!" (you know who you are!)
"Sodomize Intolerance!" (Aldus Snow)

Gots to get to the knitting now; time's getting away from me. I think its not on my side.


Don said...

Nothing like family for having a great time. All that love in one place is awesome. Sounds like you enjoyed yours.

kbmulder said...

Oh thanks for obliging with the pics. Looks like a wonderful time!!! The Medeiros-Walker clan is always so much fun!

Kathy said...

like a sackful of puppies! It was fabulous. I'm still worn out!

Chloe said...

So Who is pregnant???


Kathy said...

Let me quell the riots: It is not Carrie, her sister, Jill or Kelly. or Me. or Corinne. In fact, it is not a person with whom I've had any contact in the last couple of weeks.

Chloe said...

and it is not Donna or Sister or SueAnne.....or my mother in law, Karen. The only other female that was there besides the kiddos was Donna and Sister's sister in law????